Worst. Thief. Ever.

Yeterday’s post about slimeballs stealing holiday packages delivered to Westport homes was pretty bad.

But this story is about a new low.

An alert “06880” reader writes: “Someone stole Mary from our manger on Christmas Eve.”

Westport manger without Mary -- 2015

She called the police — not that there’s much they can do.

But if you hear something, say something.

7 responses to “Worst. Thief. Ever.

  1. What has become of Westport ?
    Shame one YOU who ever you are. !

  2. That’s not only low, it’s creepy

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    It’s kids. They’ll give it back.
    Remember past pranks, like putting bath bubbles into the fountain outside what restaurant?

  4. Dan — I like the snow falliing on your photos, even in 60 degree weather. 😉

  5. I was shocked to read this but even more so after taking a walk downtown tonight: the important fact left out of this story is that Mary was stolen from not just from any manger, but the one in the front of Christ and Holy Trinity Church.

  6. Dan – Usually the misguided thrill seeker returns the item or leaves it in public view. Lets hope it happens here.

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  7. Please, return Her.