Let There Be Lights!

How depressing is it that the sun sets around 4:30 these days?*

Fortunately, we’ve got lights. And not just any lights — holiday Christmas lights!

But what good is sitting alone in your room, with your lights — or someone else’s — shining where you can’t see them?

Let’s share the best and the brightest (ho ho ho) Westport lights.

Ana Rogers sent this photo to "06880" in 2011.

Ana Rogers sent this photo to “06880” in 2011.

Send “06880” your favorite holiday light sights. They can be yours, a neighbor’s or friends. They can belong to a business, or be hung somewhere else in town.

(Just don’t send a shot of the Bridge Street Bridge. We know how cool it is!)

Holiday lights - Cribari Bridge

A warning: Taking photos of lights at night is not for the faint of heart. Please make sure they’re sharp and colorful — not just a big white blur.

Of course, identify where they are. The whole idea is to share your these lights with others.

So we all can enjoy them, during these long December nights.



3 responses to “Let There Be Lights!

  1. And the tree in front of town hall? Cold, stark white. No color, no imagination, no desire on the part of the town administration. Oh, don’t recognize the photo below this text? Look again. White.

  2. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Christmas lights in my town are lovely this year, every year.
    (So, it’s true. I am not a “Westporter” afer all. Whew!).

  3. I love that Main St is decorated this year….but, again, it’s all bright stark white and cold looking.