Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #50

I thought last week’s photo challenge would elicit all kinds of comments.

Shows what I know.

The photo — a red sign saying “Take Home Joy” — can be found on the floor of Super Stop & Shop, right near the ice cream freezer. Westporters always walk by there. But either no one noticed, or no one cared.

Well, almost no one. Congrats (and thanks) to Wendy Cusick, the lone reader to respond correctly (and one of a very few to comment at all).

I hope this one is better. It’s certainly prettier. If you know where in Westport this is — and it is a view many of us see every day — click “Comments” below.

Oh My 06880 - December 13, 2015


28 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #50

  1. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Museum of Westport History!

  2. It looks like a stretch along Compo Road, possibly Winslow Park, but I have no idea what structure the window is in.

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Westport Country Playhouse!

  4. Winslow Park

  5. I agree with Fred Cantor that is possibly Winslow Park, but where would there be a window like that, and at that same height?

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    I’m sticking with Positano’s on Powers Ct.

  7. A window in People’s United Bank that faces Winslow Park,

  8. Seth Schachter

    Is it a photo taken from the Senior Center off Imperial???

  9. Good guesses all — but all wrong. One hint: It is NOT in the downtown area. But it IS a very public building.

  10. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    A museum or church or school!

  11. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Fairfield Country Hunt Club!

  12. A view from the Westport YMCA.

  13. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Greens Farms School!

  14. Yes — Elaine Marino got it! It’s the view from the main floor of the new Y (Mahackeno campus), as you head downstairs to the fitness center, exercise rooms, locker rooms and pool. It’s a great view — as are the ones from the far bigger windows in the fitness center below!

  15. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Sturges Wright House!

  16. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Darn! I knew that window looked familiar!


  18. That’s awesome.

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  19. There is a LOT of very nice scenery around the Y.

    I’m always too tired after a workout to go exploring(!)

  20. View from the upstairs library window ?