Construction Crane Christmas

Suddenly, it seems, Westport has a magnificent new skyscraper.

(Photo/Wendy Cusick)

Wendy Cusick took this photo on the corner of Elm Street and Church Lane.

It’s almost like our own Trump Tower, though I hate to use the “T” word.

Of course, it’s just the ginormous construction crane that has captivated Westporters since it first rolled onto the Bedford Square construction site in September.

Now it’s decorated for the holidays. Strung with bright lights — and topped with a Rudolph-like red nose — it’s an unexpected, delightful sight. And you can see it from everywhere.

Enjoy it while you can. Years from now — when today’s kids are all grown up — they’ll scratch their heads and wonder: Was there really once this amazingly huge Christmas tree downtown? 

Nah, they’ll conclude. It must have just seemed that big ’cause we were so small, way back when.

11 responses to “Construction Crane Christmas

  1. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Be happy that your “Trump tower” is temporary.

  2. I love this crane!! When I saw the lights on it…my jaws dropped.
    I have to get a shot…
    Thanks Nancy

  3. i just put up a similar pic on my instagram the other day. love Westport!

  4. Aracelli Cetina


  5. mary schmerker

    Thank you for posting this picture for those of us far away. Many of us have various wonderful memories of Bedford Square and the “Y” at Christmas .Also, thanks for hating to use the “T” word!

  6. To Mrs. Schemerker and Others
    After reading posts that many of you are out of state or in another part of CT and would not see this cool crane. I snapped a couple shots and sent them immediately to Dan.

  7. Great picture!

    And lets not forget a big thank you to David Waldman and his construction crew for doing a little bit extra to create this beautiful scene.

    Everyone will see what they want to see politically or religiously- could be a very tall Christmas tree, may be a Chanukah bush or candle. I don’t see either candidate front runner in this picture as hard as I look at it! I just see a pretty addition to an evening in Westport!

    Again- thank you David and crew for making the picture possible!!

  8. To Mr Waldman
    Keep the lights on as long as possible!!!
    i just love the lights!!!. I didn’t think holiday decoration.
    I look at it as a piece of Art.
    Thank You Mr Waldman and Crew for brightening the night sky.

  9. Whether you, David, or the construction company came up with the idea, the crane lighting is a generous, friendly and mitigating gesture.
    Thank you!