“06880”‘s Newest Feature: Restaurant Tab

“06880” always looks for ways to serve our community. Readers always look for ways to find out what’s happening around town – including where to eat.

Which is why “06880” introduces today a new feature: a “Restaurants” tab. It appears permanently in two places on our home page: at the top (directly underneath “06880”), and on the right side (under “Pages”).

It’s a way to feed the hunger of our readers — for both information and food.

The drop-down menu (ho ho) includes:

  • Links directly to a restaurant’s website
  • Its social media handles
  • Its phone number
  • And a 2- to 3-sentence description (from them) about why they’re special.

Each restaurant can choose its own category. (NOTE: Restaurants pay a small fee to be listed.)

Click here (or above, or on the right side of the home page) to access the “Restaurants” tab. For more information on being listed, email 06880blog@gmail.com.

What to eat tonight? Click on our “Restaurants” tab!

7 responses to ““06880”‘s Newest Feature: Restaurant Tab

  1. Chip Stephens SHS 73

    Dan great idea for Westport
    I hope it helps you find Westport’s finest and sole source of news , happenings and everything 06880
    Good luck !

  2. Great video, sure it will be appreciated

  3. Wendy Goldwyn Batteau


  4. Eva Rosenblatt

    Great idea Dan!

  5. What a great idea!!

  6. Michael Calise

    Congratulations. Great Idea.

  7. Brilliant. As if 06880 wasn’t our go to place for everything Westport to begin with.You’ve done it again, Dan!

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