A Toast (And A Bagel) To Westport’s Maven

Tomorrow (Sunday, March 1) is Bagel Maven’s last day in business. Owner Alex Perdomo moves on, eager to continue elsewhere.

Friends and customers will honor him today, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Black Duck. All are invited!

Alex Permodo at Bagel Maven.

(Hat tip: Phil Nourie)

14 responses to “A Toast (And A Bagel) To Westport’s Maven

  1. Jack (highly disappointed) Backiel

    Sometimes one has to purposefully make a wrong business decision for the greater good! Trust me. I’d never let this happen to my family’s good name! May this story live on in the cyber world forever!

  2. Sorry I must be missing the plot – why all the adulation for a business that has defaulted on its lease for a second time.
    Didn’t see a banner farewell for the Meatball Store or any of the myriad stores that have closed in the last 12 months…

    • Alex has been in Westport for 12 years. You bring up a good point; we should celebrate others that make the effort or better yet help that succeed. We have a lot of talented people who live here who could develop a model to keep businesses in business.

      • Wendy Cusick

        Adrian, you can’t compare the very high end luxury Manhattan base ‘The Meatball Shop’ https://www.themeatballshop.com/ with Bagel Maven.
        All business owners struggle during the slower winter months (past, present and future).
        Your comment was harsh toward Alex and Jack B. (Just my observation)
        Please have a little compassion.

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker

      Your comments seem a little harsh to me. As I remember the earlier post Mr. Permodo has donated to may local causes willingly. Came to this country and supported his parents before finishing his education and I don’t recall that it was reported that he had defaulted on his lease twice. I think the repost said that he was two weeks behind. If I still lived in Westport I’d come by and wish him well. I’d shake his hand and even leave a donation to help him.

    • Jack Backiel

      Adrian, You missed the “plot” because you probably didn’t follow the first posting with the comments. It’s like walking into the stadium in the 9th inning.

    • Jack Backiel

      Adrian, I think the comment about you lacking, or having “little” compassion is spot on! As I commented, sometimes one has to purposefully make a poor business decision for the greater good. The guy was in business for 12 years selling bagels. He must have been holding his financial head above water for a long time. Our family owned 7.2 acres on the Post Road and had four businesses. We quietly made a few decisions that weren’t particularly good for our business, but we made some choices that hurt the bottom line, but yet helped certain individuals. Sometimes enhancing profits were overlooked for the greater good of helping, or boosting, an individual. The 06880 community was even willing to help Alex financially. I think most of the 06880 comments were on the side of compassion.

  3. I liked Bagel Maven and am sorry to hear that it’s shutting its doors. Good luck, Mr. Perdomo! Thanks for the great bagels over the years.

  4. David J. Loffredo

    Looks like we’re up to 66 vacant commercial properties on the Post Road in Westport…

    • Jack Backiel

      What happens if the new bagel shop can’t sell enough bagels to meet its payments? He’s replacing one bagel shop with another bagel shop. I also would think the landlord should have made the new renter aware that there’s been a backlash, in town, towards his new business. If the new business loses 20 steady customers, he could be financial in trouble before he even starts! At some point in the future, the new owner could question why he wasn’t made aware of the backlash in town. I’m just looking at possibilities here. These are small mom and pop businesses with little room for error!

      • Wendy Cusick

        Jack I just drove by Bagel Maven. It’s depressing. The windows have white paper taped on them. It’s lunch time and it’s quiet at the Star Nails and Five Guys. I only counted 3 cars…
        I’ve drive by in the past during the lunchtime hours and just before Bagel Maven was closing at 3pm and all 3 businesses would be packed with cars.
        Not now…

        • Jack Backiel

          Wendy, Thanks for the feedback. We’re not dealing with Amazon’s second headquarters here.Selling bagels, in a tiny store, is a mom and pop business, and success means building a clientele over time! I would find it very unusual if all of a sudden, the new bagel shop produced a 20% higher profit. This new business could be in for a rude awakening if he loses 20 or so customers that Alex had.Then the landlord could fine himself in the same predicament- a tenant finding it difficult to pay his obligations.If I were Mr. Shuckie, I want him to read this comment, I would have extended Alex for four months and challenged the 06880 readers to follow through with their promise to help Alex out financially. I also would have reduced his rent 10% for the four months. We have a lot of wealthy people who read 06880, and I believe many would have coughed up money to save this guy’s business! He was there for twelve years, so he was successful for a good portion of his time! Last comment is I’d never let my family name be diminished for a few thousand dollars. Jim Shuckie could have been a town HERO! In my humble opinion, has made a huge mistake.

  5. Jack Backiel

    Amy, Take a deep breath and take a mini vacation from your e-mail. In a few weeks, you’ll be glad you didn’t unsubscribe. You’re in control!