Pic Of The Day #1048

Signs of the times, at CVS: The bad news …

… and the good:

(Photos/Mark Mathias)

8 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1048

  1. Hold up, climate change is good news?

  2. I did see a Facebook market place ad this morning for one N95 mask for $10.
    Last September I bought 15 N95 masks from HomeDepot for $24. Tonight HD is out of stock any mask either in store or on line (no surprise).

  3. Surgeon General is practically Begging people to STOP buying masks.
    They will not help you prevent getting the virus.

  4. For all of those who really believe they are at risk and need your masks for the “apocalypse” please understand that there are construction workers and trades people who must go to work everyday and breath air with heavy particulate combining everything from silica dust to wood dust to germs and viruses and everything else in between. Additionally, and more importantly, our heathcare workers.

  5. joshua stein

    Surgical masks are meant to keep doctors from transmitting their own illnesses to patients. Also can help those infected with C19 transmitting to others if they are coughing. They will NOT protect you from catching C19, flu, etc. N95 masks are only 95% filtration if worn properly and kept cleaned. Disposable masks are just that, disposable, not meant to be worn over and over again. Most that have acquired N95 masks are using them wrong, not even properly fitting to face. P100/N100 would be better since they are 99.97% but again need to be worn properly and kept sanitized which most are incapable of. So in summary, for people that are sick – cover your mouth and nose and stay home, and people that are not sick, practice good hygiene – a mask is likely not going to help and may even make your chance worse.

    • Wendy Cusick

      Well written article mixed with some slap stick humor which gets the point across very well

  6. Wendy Cusick

    John Krause, Jaime Walsh and Joshua Stein all wrote great statements with accurate advice.
    Put what they said and the article Mr Krause posted on ‘blast’ so the general public in the our area and beyond gets the point.

    This happened back after 2001. Remember the anthrax scare…
    Everyone went to their doctors across the country demanding ciprofloxacin also called cipro. They stocked up because they thought ‘they needed’ it. Just like these masks…
    It’s the strongest antibiotic on the market for infections that the regular antibiotic can’t treat AND to prevent the patient after certain types surgery from going gangrene (losing a limb) and (or) prevent the patient from picking up another infection.
    Those of us who had surgery during the 2001 to 2005 time period that had surgery and NEEDED Cipro were very annoyed 😒😠(upset and mad) that we had to pay a very high price out pocket 💰💳💵to receive our ciprofloxacin (cipro)
    The pharmacist is arguing with the company that they order from that the patient just had surgery she (he) NEEDS THIS! The company wouldn’t budge so those of us had to pay a rather large sum of money to get our medication.
    Yes, I was one of those people who had emergency surgery (2004), NEEDED Cipro and had to pay a very high price 💰for my antibiotic. My doctor and pharmacist had their fingers crossed that I would recover. Thankfully, I recovered very well.
    Please don’t put the added burden of higher prices and shortage of acquiring masks (or medication if needed in the future) for doctors, dentists, healthcare workers, family members who are taking care of sick family, construction workers, bakers (they need the masks to protect them from breathing in the fine flour), food prep workers and anybody that else that REALLY needs this. Thank you