Lights! Camera! Action!

The website of Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development includes — among other things — a page aimed at film, TV and digital media.

The tagline boasts: “With attractive locations and top-tier production capabilities, the Nutmeg State is ready for its close-up.”

There’s information on tax incentives, resources — and locations.

“From postcard-perfect New England to a retro-modern utopia, Connecticut gives your production the authenticity audiences want,” the site promises. (I’m not sure what a “retro-modern utopia” is, but I’m sure I’ve seen it somewhere.)

Sure enough, a photo gallery shows off our small state’s many attractions: waterfalls, autumn woods, beaches, ballparks, the Capitol, Long Island Sound, covered bridges, charming downtowns, Mystic.

A screenshot of some of the locations available in Connecticut.

A helpful search function allows users to filter by town.

But when you click on “Westport,” all you see is a measly 19 possible locations.

There’s Hummock Island, Wheeler House, Sherwood Island, the Saugatuck River, Main Street, an office building, and a few homes.

It’s pretty lame. It could be any Connecticut town — or many.

The Westport location results.

C’mon, Westport. We can do better!

If you’d like your house or business — or your favorite Westport attraction — to have a star turn on TV, in the movies or “digital media,” click here.

And if you wangle a nice user’s fee out of it, don’t forget where you got the idea!

(Hat tip: Sandra Long)

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