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Pic Of The Day #2206

Stonehenge? Remnants of an old wall? Nope — these stones are set at Wakeman Field, to prevent parking. (Photo/John Richers)

State Reps Blow Whistle On Turf Fields

Westport has 4 artificial turf playing fields: Paul Lane and Jinny Parker at Staples, Wakeman just north of Bedford Middle School, and PJ Romano behind Saugatuck Elementary School.

There has been talk of turfing at least one more surface at Wakeman, and Loeffler at Staples.

Turf fields require much less maintenance than grass fields. However, they must be replaced every 10 years or so.

Paul Lane Field at Staples High School is one of Westport’s 4 artificial surfaces.

Nearly every other town in Connecticut has multiple turf fields too.

Their future would be in doubt, if a bill proposed by 2 state representatives passes.

The “Act Prohibiting State And Municipal Contracts For The Purchase And Installation Of Artificial Turf Fields” asks that

the general statutes be amended to provide that on and after October 1, 2023, no municipality, including, but not limited to, any school district, and no private entity, department or agency of the state shall enter a contract for the purchase, use or installation of artificial turf for a new or existing field.

It also would provide that “such turf fields be grandfathered to allow for their useful life but prohibit their replacement after such time.”

The purpose of the proposed legislation is to “prohibit municipal and state contracts for the purchase and installation of artificial turf fields that pose health and environmental concerns.”

There are many kinds of artificial surfaces, including coconut and crumb rubber. Different surfaces were not identified in the proposed law, nor were “health and environmental concerns.”

The bill heads now to the Joint Environment Committee. For more information, click here(Hat tip: Kathleen Galley)

Visitors watch the UN-Westport soccer match at PJ Romano Field.

Pic Of The Day #1592

6 a.m. soccer, at Wakeman Field (Photo/Barry Guiduli)

Westport Softball: Past, Present And Future

Baseball is a game of tradition.

So, apparently, is softball.

Staples softballWhen the Staples softball team dedicated its new field at Wakeman on Monday — the culmination of a 3-year, townwide project — the traditional “first pitch” ceremony offered a special twist.

Sharing the honors were current varsity co-captain Emma Moskovitz; 6th grade Little Leaguer Emily Stone, who hopes to one day be a Wrecker; Bill Meyer, longtime Westport softball coach and administrator — and Bill Constantino.


Constantino is the grandson of Ike and Pearl Wakeman, who farmed the land for years before its purchase by the town.

Now the complex includes a softball diamond.

Play ball!

Bill Constantino throws out the 1st pitch. Next to him are Bill Meyer, current varsity players, and 6th grade Little Leaguer Emily Stone. (Photo/Matthew Mandell)

Bill Constantino throws out the 1st pitch. Next to him are Bill Meyer, current varsity players including Emma Moskovitz, and 6th grade Little Leaguer Emily Stone. (Photo/Matthew Mandell)