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Okay, So First You Head Down State Street…

Alert — and confused — “06880” reader Jaime Bairaktaris was looking up an address on Google.

The world’s largest search engine — which supposedly knows everything — took Jaime’s “Post Road East,” and turned it into “State Street East.”

It’s right there on Google Street View too:


That’s the internet search equivalent of your grandmother telling you to close “the icebox.”

Jamie wonders: “Is State Street still the legal name of Post Road East?”

I’m guessing no. That would be “US 1.”

Ray Rauth Walks For Safety

On the list of things people enjoy doing, walking on the Post Road is pretty low. It’s right down there with root canals and listening to Kevin tell you about his power-washing business.

Ray Rauth doesn’t mind walking on the Post Road. He looks forward to it.

In fact, he’s walking the entire Post Road in Connecticut. From the New York border (Rye) to Rhode Island (Westerly), this very fit (and brave) man will walk 120 miles, all on US 1.

Ray Rauth (Photo/Gregory Menti for Weston Forum)

Ray Rauth (Photo/Gregory Menti for Weston Forum)

He’s not a kook. He’s not visiting car dealerships, donut shops and supermarkets.

Rauth’s goal is to build awareness of road safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Route 1 is Connecticut’s deadliest road. Ten pedestrians have been killed on it the last 3 years — including right here in our town.

Rauth — a Weston resident who is a member of the Connecticut Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board — wants every death investigated. He urges a team approach, including the town’s mayor or first selectman, police chief, local traffic authority, engineer, a medical expert, and the region’s bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organization.

Rauth starts today. Tomorrow, around 1 p.m. — god and observant drivers willing — he’ll walk through Westport.

If you see him, offer support. It might be food or drink. It might be a thumb’s-up sign. It might be a honk.

A very gentle honk.

Ray Rauth will take his life in his hands when he walks along the Post Road in Westport tomorrow.

Ray Rauth takes his life in his hands when he walks along the Post Road in Westport tomorrow.

(Hat tip: Tracy Yost)