Ray Rauth Walks For Safety

On the list of things people enjoy doing, walking on the Post Road is pretty low. It’s right down there with root canals and listening to Kevin tell you about his power-washing business.

Ray Rauth doesn’t mind walking on the Post Road. He looks forward to it.

In fact, he’s walking the entire Post Road in Connecticut. From the New York border (Rye) to Rhode Island (Westerly), this very fit (and brave) man will walk 120 miles, all on US 1.

Ray Rauth (Photo/Gregory Menti for Weston Forum)

Ray Rauth (Photo/Gregory Menti for Weston Forum)

He’s not a kook. He’s not visiting car dealerships, donut shops and supermarkets.

Rauth’s goal is to build awareness of road safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Route 1 is Connecticut’s deadliest road. Ten pedestrians have been killed on it the last 3 years — including right here in our town.

Rauth — a Weston resident who is a member of the Connecticut Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board — wants every death investigated. He urges a team approach, including the town’s mayor or first selectman, police chief, local traffic authority, engineer, a medical expert, and the region’s bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organization.

Rauth starts today. Tomorrow, around 1 p.m. — god and observant drivers willing — he’ll walk through Westport.

If you see him, offer support. It might be food or drink. It might be a thumb’s-up sign. It might be a honk.

A very gentle honk.

Ray Rauth will take his life in his hands when he walks along the Post Road in Westport tomorrow.

Ray Rauth takes his life in his hands when he walks along the Post Road in Westport tomorrow.

(Hat tip: Tracy Yost)

8 responses to “Ray Rauth Walks For Safety

  1. Alan Beasley

    I trust Ray keeps his eyes open and that he intends to walk facing oncoming traffic, ready to evade same.

    • Robert Mitchell

      Yes, please! The last thing we need is a symbol for people who is walking on the wrong side of the street – both from a common sense and a CT statute point of view.

  2. Dorrie (Barlow) Thomas

    Dan, I hope you’ll keep us posted on his travels. I’d love to be able to cheer him on as he approaches his finish, as I now live in Pawcatuck, the easternmost town in Connecticut. My house is actually on Route 1 and the Westerly, R.I. border is within view. I have NO IDEA how long it will take Ray to walk this crazy distance, but, with any luck, I can wave to him from my front porch!

    • Dorrie, I will try to let you know when I am nearing Pawcatuck. Would welcome all waves.

      • Dorrie,
        It looks like I will be walking past your house on Monday June 27.
        Since I don’t know where you live I can’t really be more specific, but I would imagine it would be some time before noon.

  3. Peter Barlow

    A lot of the Post Road should be fairly pleasant for walking, especially east of New Haven where few Westporters drive. It’s a two-lane black top road most of the way. The Post Road becomes part of I-95 on the bridges over the two major rivers, the Connecticut in Old Saybrook and the Thames in New London (pronounced “Thames” not “Tems” like its namesake). But at the end of the walk he’ll cross the Pawcatuck River on our bridge connecting Pawcatuck CT and Westerly RI, a nice little bridge less than half the length of the Post Road bridge in Westport.

  4. Dorian Barth

    I do a lot of walking around town, even on the Post Road so I am grateful
    fot the attention paid to walking hazards. There are short spurts of sidewalk in spots but when it disappears one is forced to walk on the grass or in parking lots to stay safe.
    Also, the crossing lights on Main Street
    and Inperial are not very reliable.
    Let’s keep improving and Thank You!

  5. Julie Sidhu

    Thanks, Ray, for all you do to bring awareness to road safety for pedestrians and cyclists.