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Pics Of The Day #533

Storm clouds gathered over Westport today — along with a tornado warning.

It never came. But the photo below — one of 3 taken by Jeff Manchester on Saugatuck Shores — sure looks like it could have been one.

Severe weather — including another possible tornado — continues through midnight.

(Photos/Jeff Manchester)

Tornado Watch!

The tornado warning issued around 5:30 tonight was canceled.

But a severe thunderstorm warning — with wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour — was just issued, through 7:15 p.m.

And a tornado watch remains in effect until midnight.

Alert — and fearless — “06880” photographer Patricia McMahon snapped these photos a few minutes ago near Compo Beach.

(Photos/Patricia McMahon)

Get that lawn furniture in. And know where your batteries are!

Raining On Our Parade

The National Weather Service has decided that yesterday’s weather incident was not a tornado.

“Just strong winds,” a spokesman said.  Not even any “circular motion.”


Being on High Point Road — then navigating Hyde Lane, Long Lots and environs in the immediate aftermath — was scary enough for me.

I was sure I’d end up like Dorothy and Toto.

And I definitely saw flying monkeys.

I snapped this photo in the midst of yesterday's non-tornado.