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Wild Weather

The sun is out now, and the forecast is great.

But at 10:40 this morning, Sunny Sherman spotted this, from Saugatuck Shores.

Sunny’s husband, Guy Sherman, says they were just east of Sprite Island, west of the lighthouse. He caught this view:

“Crazy!” the delightfully named Sunny says.

“It didn’t last long, nor make its way across the Sound, thank God. Have a beautiful day!”

Tornado? Waterspout? Scott Pecoriello Was There.

From a young age, Scott Pecoriello has been fascinated by weather.

At Staples, the Class of 2015 member was the school’s go-to meteorologist. Students, teachers and (especially) coaches relied on his spot-on forecasts.

When the tornado warning was issued for Connecticut’s coast yesterday, Scott headed to Compo Beach. At 1:40, he saw “a possible waterspout/tornado” come ashore.

He sent the photo (below) and video to the National Weather Service. They’re reviewing it, to confirm.

(Photo/Scott Pecoriello)

Scott says, “there have been no confirmed records of a tornado to ever pass through Westport since records began in the early 1900s. Connecticut averages about 1.3 tornadoes per year, and is ranked 43rd out of 50 for states with the most tornadoes.”

He notes, “The unusually high damage in Westport compared to surrounding towns — particularly at the coastline near Saugatuck Shores — could be in part due to this waterspout.”