Wild Weather

The sun is out now, and the forecast is great.

But at 10:40 this morning, Sunny Sherman spotted this, from Saugatuck Shores.

Sunny’s husband, Guy Sherman, says they were just east of Sprite Island, west of the lighthouse. He caught this view:

“Crazy!” the delightfully named Sunny says.

“It didn’t last long, nor make its way across the Sound, thank God. Have a beautiful day!”

3 responses to “Wild Weather

  1. Andrew Colabella

    I had a video sent to me this morning from Longshore Sailing School when it occurred. I thought my screen was cracked or a weird shaped cloud and then it started moving. Insaneeeee.

  2. joshua stein

    I saw the cloud but was stuck on a conference call so couldn’t go outside to see it first hand. Small water spouts happen more frequently than you may realize off the Westport shore. Have seen many over the years. I don’t know what it would do to a small boat / kayaker / SUP, but harmless to larger boats. What is rare is it being captured in a photo or on video. One summer I think I saw at least one a month. Some people are brazen enough to drive their boat’s right into them which I would not recommend. A larger one like the one that led to a EF1 a couple months ago, I’d stay far away from !