Roundup: Mahackeno, Teardowns, Flowers …


The Westport Weston Family YMCA’s Mahackeno Outdoor Center opens for members this weekend. Activities include 2 playgrounds, a large sports field, basketball court, dodgeball pit, walking trails, pavilions and (from 1 to 3:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday), giant slides.

Coming soon: sports programs (registration begins April 3), canoeing, archery, pool and splash pad (after May 1), bouldering wall, fishing, outdoor group fitness classes and more.

Click here for more information.

Two Mahackeno slides are a huge hit.


A great local non-profit needs someone to finish a WordPress website redesign and upgrade.

The person in charge has had to stop for personal reasons, but can explain intent, purpose and what needs to be done. The project is 90% complete, and pays “a bit.”

Interested? Email


Circolo Italiano — Staples’ Italian Club — has a unique way to raise funds for Centro La Tenda, a community center in Napoli that helps at-risk youth.

This is no pizza sale. Next Wednesday (March 17, 1 p.m.), they host an interactive, virtual (and worldwide — play from anywhere) trivia competition.

The cost is $3 per player, with up to 5 players per team. Venmo @StellaCorenthal, with the name of your team and all members. There are prizes for winners.  A Zoom link will be sent.

Questions? Email

BONUS TRIVIA FACT: The word “trivia: comes from the Latin “trivialis,” meaning “found everywhere, commonplace.”


19 Soundview Drive is one of the oldest original — aka “un-renovated” — homes on the beach exit road. A “Demolition” sign hangs prominently by the front porch.

But right next to the sign, a workman was busy yesterday painting the brown shingles white.

Gotta look good for that wrecking ball, right?

(Photo/Karen Como)


Meanwhile, teardown season is in full “swing.” This was the scene around the corner yesterday, at 320 Compo Road South, just east of Bradley Street:

(Photo/Matt Murray)


Also in season: Spring!

Here’s Whitney Street yesterday:

(Photo/Molly Alger)

Don’t forget: Turn your clocks ahead Saturday night. Losing an hour of sleep for more of these scenes will be worth it!


And finally … Happy 75th birthday, Liza Minelli!

3 responses to “Roundup: Mahackeno, Teardowns, Flowers …

  1. Regarding the “painting” of the tear down, it’s likely a protective coating over lead paint. You don’t want lead paint chips flying around during the demolition, especially in a dense residential area like that one. It has nothing to do with looking good for the wrecking crew.

  2. I believe it was 1964 when, as a recent Staples graduate and Players/SSTS member, family friends in our beach group who knew of my aspirations introduced me to Danny Lawler a veteran Broadway Master Electrician who offered me a summer job as his assistant at the Westport Country Playhouse. I was all in on a future in technical theatre.
    One of the shows was “The Fantastics” co-starring Elliot Gould and Liza Minelli. I knew of her pedigree, impressive as it was, but in Westport it was no big deal as there were so many theatre people and their families in our midst. During rehearsals prior to opening, I would bring coffee and snacks from Morris’s Luncheonette to her dressing room. I learned we were the same age (18). It wasn’t until her mom showed up in the Green Room that consciousness struck. On opening night, Elliot Gould, who I viewed as just another actor, was visited by his then spouse, Barbara Streisand. At the end of that summer I went off to school in Chicago at the Goodman Memorial Theater thanks to Board member Ralph Alswang, a Westport resident who was one of the most innovative Theatrical designers in the industry.
    “Just another day in that theatrical paradise we called Westport”. I will forever be grateful to those who took notice and encouraged me to follow my dreams.

  3. Don’t think 320 Compo South was a tear down…think it’s construction on vacant, most unattractive lot.