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Westport … Naturally

One of the newest additions to “06880”‘s daily Roundup is “Westport … Naturally.”

They’re shots of the living creatures — birds, animals, fish, trees, flowers — that surround us in town. Sometimes we’re too busy to really “see” them. Thankfully, enough readers take enough great photos that I can post one nearly every day.

I recently got a slew of interesting shots from Stephen Sander. They show nature in many forms — all from his back yard on Beachside Avenue.

They’re worth a feature story of their own. Captions are unnecessary. Just enjoy!



(Photos/Stephen Sander)


Meanwhile, JC Martin sent some great nature photos too. “06880” is proud to add these to this photo story.

Pic Of The Day #618

4 swans a-swimming… (Photo/Jaime Bairaktaris)

Down Upon The Swan-ee River

Yesterday — while watching the Memorial Day parade on Riverside Avenue — alert “06880” reader Scott Smith decided to explore the “secret” boardwalk along the Saugatuck River behind the offices near Rive Bistro.

He was surprised to find a mother swan sitting on her nest, protecting a just-hatched cygnet. The father swan stood guard, a few feet away.

Swan 2

Scott and the new dad watched as the mama tended to her 1st-born, and turned the rest of the eggs. They were a cool shade of green, Scott says, and larger than he expected.

(Photos/Scott Smith)

(Photos/Scott Smith)

“I never thought I’d get so close to a swan nest without causing a ruckus,” he says. “Or have the chance to use the word ‘cygnet’ outside of a Scrabble board.”