Down Upon The Swan-ee River

Yesterday — while watching the Memorial Day parade on Riverside Avenue — alert “06880” reader Scott Smith decided to explore the “secret” boardwalk along the Saugatuck River behind the offices near Rive Bistro.

He was surprised to find a mother swan sitting on her nest, protecting a just-hatched cygnet. The father swan stood guard, a few feet away.

Swan 2

Scott and the new dad watched as the mama tended to her 1st-born, and turned the rest of the eggs. They were a cool shade of green, Scott says, and larger than he expected.

(Photos/Scott Smith)

(Photos/Scott Smith)

“I never thought I’d get so close to a swan nest without causing a ruckus,” he says. “Or have the chance to use the word ‘cygnet’ outside of a Scrabble board.”


4 responses to “Down Upon The Swan-ee River

  1. Sally Campbell Palmer

    Lucky find! Especially when safe from attack by the gander. The boardwalk is a very pleasant walk, especially at higher tides in the early morning and evening.

    • Bobbie Herman

      Not trying to be pedantic, but a gander is a male goose. The male swan is a “cob.” I agree with you about the boardwalk. It’s interesting how many lovely bucolic places we have here, if you take the time to look.,

  2. Charlie Colasurdo

    The male swan is referred to as a “cob,” and the female is a “pen.” Both are fiercely protective of their eggs/cygnets. What an amazing shot of the broody pen!

  3. Pamela Pollak

    Read the beginning chapters of The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B.White for a charming description of the same event from the eyes of a boy