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Greatest. Snow Video. Ever!

In his tenure as head of Greens Farms Academy, Bob Whelan has made some amazing Snow Day announcement videos.

Each time, he sets the bar higher for himself.

But now he’s exceeded even his own stratospheric expectations.

Earlier today, GFA families were treated to a work of genius. It was Michelangelo, Mozart and Messi, rolled into one.

Gather ’round the fire. Pop the popcorn. And click below to enjoy!

PS: Why is no one (except Whelan, in the intro) wearing masks?

It was shot in the fall of 2019. But — damn! — there was not a single snow day all last year.

Scarice: There Will Be Snow Days!

Today’s “06880” Roundup — posted at noon — posed this question: Couldl Wednesday’s predicted heavy snow, strong winds and coastal flooding lead to a snow day? 

Or, in our new COVID world, will Westport school’s simply shift to all-distance learning?

I should have checked my email.

About 5 minutes earlier, Superintendent of Schools Tom Scarice anticipated — and answered — my question. He wrote:

I want to provide an update to the school community on snow days this school year. Of course, after a 60 degree day yesterday, we are looking at a significant snowstorm late Wednesday into Thursday.

On October 7, 2020, for the 2020-2021 school year only, the Connecticut State Board of Education approved the use of a remote learning day in lieu of a traditional snow day. Traditionally, snow days are required to be made up at the end of the school year. Remote learning days are not required to be made up at the end of the school year.

Westport youngsters enjoy a 2019 snow day at Winslow Park. (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

In reviewing the parameters of our current school calendar, if there are more than 4 snow days this year, the district is required to use the April vacation as makeup days beginning on Monday April 12. I would like to avoid encroaching on the April vacation, and I would like to ensure with some certainty that the school year will conclude by June 23 at the latest.

Additionally, I may be a purist but I do believe that for most children, the experience of a snow day can be an unforgettable part of childhood and a unique opportunity for unstructured play.

For these reasons, the district will allow for only 3 traditional snow days that will be required to be made up in June. Any additional snow days beyond 3 will be remote learning days that will not be required to be made up in June.

There is 1 additional day built in that will serve as a buffer in the event power outages require a school cancellation.

Snow day! (Photo/Irene Penny)

Finally, and critically important for planning, we will not have “back to back” snow days in the event that snow clean up requires a second straight snow day.

If a second straight snow day is required, we will conduct a remote learning day on the second day. This might be the case this Friday if the forecast continues to project snowfall well into Thursday. Please plan accordingly.

It is likely that we will experience power outages. In the event of widespread power outages we will have to cancel school if the roads are not safe. However, we will conduct remote learning in the event of minimal outages.

Due to transportation issues, 2=hour delayed openings and early dismissals as a result of inclement weather will cancel either the AM or PM elementary session respectively.

For clarity, the approach to snow days can be summarized as follows:

  • No more than 3 snow days this year

  • Remote learning will be conducted beginning with the fourth snow day

  • An additional day has been built in beyond the 3 snow days to preserve April vacation and the end of the school year no later than June 23

  • There will be no back to back snow days for the purposes of snow clean-up on the streets

  • There will be power outages; however, if the outages are minimal, we will hold remote learning days after 3 snow days

  • A  2-hour delayed opening or an early dismissal will cancel the AM or PM elementary sessions

As circumstances emerge and evolve, we will make changes accordingly.

Our schools look very different this year. Thankfully — and thank you, Tom Scarice! — the sacred tradition of snow days remains.

Will Staples High School look like this on Thursday?

Lil Tecca, Greens Farms Academy, And The Greatest Sleep-In Video Ever

Last year, Greens Farms Academy head Bob Whelan — and friends like Domonique Foxworth, Marcus Spears, Jalen Rose and Mike Greenberg — produced the world’s greatest snow-day announcement ever.

Don’t believe me? Click here!

Bob was all set to top that this year. There was just one problem: No snow.

No problem!

This afternoon, he sent a video to all upper school students and parents.

Tomorrow is not a snow day. But it is a sleep-in/late start day. At GFA, apparently, there is a god.

And he has a direct line to Lil Tecca.

Don’t believe me? Click below!

(Hat tip: Michelle Levi)

Looking Back At An Unsung Hero: Snow Day Edition

Alert “06880” reader and native Westporter Seth Van Beever writes:

The unsung hero of every child in Westport on a snow day was John La Barca at WMMM. We listened closely to the alphabetical school closings announcements.

A snow day was all about going to Birchwood Country Club to go sledding.

Oh yeah. I remember. Every 10 minutes or so, John would start: Ansonia, Amity Regional, Bethel…

It was an agonizing wait. Who cared about Our Lady of Fatima? Did it even exist?

But then — right after “Weston…” we would hear “Westport.”

And all would be right with the world.

In addition to Birchwood, Winslow Park (pictured this past March) and Greens Farms Elementary School are great sledding spots. (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

99% Chance Of A Snow Day Tomorrow!

No, that’s not Elliott Landon speaking.

Or me.

It’s the “Snow Day Calculator” — and that website is as scientific as it gets.

First you enter your school’s zip code.

Then some very important information:

  • Type of school (public, urban public, rural public, private/prep, boarding)
  • The number of snow days already this year
  • “Leniency of administration” (easy, okay, harsh)
  • Is there a special event or activity scheduled?
  • Is your school in a mountainous area?
  • Hype for a snow day (0 = no one talking about it; 1 = many kids talking about it; 2 = kids, teachers and media talking about it; 3 = administrators are talking about it too!)

Click “Calculate” — and it’s 99% certain Westport kids can sleep in on Friday!

But you should still call 203-341-1SNO tomorrow morning.

Just in case.

Even Westport's crack snow plow drivers will be unable to help Westport schools open tomorrow -- or so says the Snow Day Calculator. (Photo by Luke Hammerman/Inklings)