99% Chance Of A Snow Day Tomorrow!

No, that’s not Elliott Landon speaking.

Or me.

It’s the “Snow Day Calculator” — and that website is as scientific as it gets.

First you enter your school’s zip code.

Then some very important information:

  • Type of school (public, urban public, rural public, private/prep, boarding)
  • The number of snow days already this year
  • “Leniency of administration” (easy, okay, harsh)
  • Is there a special event or activity scheduled?
  • Is your school in a mountainous area?
  • Hype for a snow day (0 = no one talking about it; 1 = many kids talking about it; 2 = kids, teachers and media talking about it; 3 = administrators are talking about it too!)

Click “Calculate” — and it’s 99% certain Westport kids can sleep in on Friday!

But you should still call 203-341-1SNO tomorrow morning.

Just in case.

Even Westport's crack snow plow drivers will be unable to help Westport schools open tomorrow -- or so says the Snow Day Calculator. (Photo by Luke Hammerman/Inklings)

25 responses to “99% Chance Of A Snow Day Tomorrow!

  1. My guess @ 545PM = CLOSED

    • The Dude Abides

      Called at 10:38 a.m. by the boss. Scattered early dismissal.
      Should have got a pool going.

      • Some of the Staples kids did have a pool. Not much gets by them.

        • The Dude Abides

          Is it the time it is cancelled or the time they get out??? Wouldn’t mind some of that action. Ran into Tina today. Survived the big storm and all wrapped up in fur now. “This is mild weather.” Dropped a Jackson on her.

        • Dan! You knew about a pool and didn’t let us in? What kida blog ya runnin’ here?
          So, if my bet was “Closed,” I don’t think I’d get any part of the pot because Hmmm… takes it all for nailing it at 715 PM. Not bad.
          I can’t wait till the next blizzard and
          Dan’s 06880 Snow School Pool

          • The Dude Abides

            Tom: You had 5:45 p.m. on Thursday. Officially, 10:38 a.m. Friday. “Closed” don’t pay the bulldog. I got the Colts tomorrow too.

  2. My money is on early dismissal- everyone’s least favorite

  3. Yeah, me too…

  4. What a Fool Believes

    I will take the 1%. Over and under the plow.

  5. In 1983 I moved my family to Chicago after selling my business and fabulous Compo Beach house, being required to go with it for 3 years.

    We lived on The Lake downtown and I commuted to the burbs to my office. My kids went to a private school on The Lake.

    3 entire school years. Not one (1) snow day. They just don’t do it there.

    The first winter there I suggested to the Chairman (I was president) at around 3pm one day that we send everyone home as it was already at least 6 inches and blizzard weather. He looked at me as I would at someone with two heads. “We don’t do that HERE!”

    My kids finally gave up running to the windows and assuming that it would be a snow day as it just “doesn’t happen here”.

    When I was kid in Boston, eons ago, school would be cancelled and 2 friends and I would make $40-50 each shoveling (a virtual fortune in the 50’s and early 60s) and walk to Cleveland Circle to the movies. $1 for a double feature plus cartoons and one or two serials. And a quarter for real popcorn with real butter.

    Please don’t tell my wife. She has no idea of how old I actually am.

    • Chicago/Illinios is flat from the Lake to the Mississippi, which you can almost see from the top of the Hancock. Hills are the real problem in snow and ice, thus Weston and Ridgefield close schools before Westport and Norwalk. There was a pretty good blizzard in January 1979 which shut down a good portion of Chicago, but you’re correct, most cities in the midwest take pride in their ability to withstand/ignore snowstorms.

  6. No one knows what a real winter or snow is until you lived in Montreal, it starts in early October and last till May.

    After spending four winters (and summers) there, I only saw schools and work places close once. It was during the ice storm of January 1998 and only then after the city and over a million people lost power; some for over a month and longer.

    And don’t say Toronto has more snow, because I’ve lived there too and can tell you it doesn’t. The only place that has more and is colder is Siberia.

    Good times…good times…

  7. The Dude Abides

    Have you spent a winter in Siberia?? I wish I could say my winter in Montreal was good times. I never went outside.

    • HNY Dude,
      No I haven’t spent any time in Siberia, but having spent those winters in Montreal I’m not sure I would want to go.

      Too bad you didn’t venture outside, it has quite the night life 😉 and Leonard Cohen.

  8. I didn’t mean to be Anonymous above.

    • The Dude Abides

      Thought you were Jeffxs. Cohen was in a monastery when I was around up there.

  9. The Dude Abides

    HNY to U. As you know, they have an entire city underground. Quite a beautiful place. In July. Wasn’t being snide about Siberia. I would like to meet someone who has spent a winter there.

    • Westport Expat

      Take a ride up the Wilbur Cross to Westville Kosher Deli (next to Amity Wine & Liquor, not Katz’s) off Exit 59. I’ve heard the owner talk about living in Siberia – I think for three years, he said. Plus the nova is to die for.

  10. Hi everyone! This is David Sukhin, maker of the snow day calculator mentioned above. Thanks for using the calculator. I’m glad it gave an accurate prediction. I also had 99% today and had the day off. I saw that your schools closed early today. Just to clarify, high percentages can mean either a full snow day or an early close. We all always hope for the first one 🙂 I will make that more clear on the website. Thanks again for featuring the calculator in this article. If you have any questions feel free ask 🙂

  11. The Dude Abides

    When is it going to damn snow again?????

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  13. I dont know there is not much of any snow yet and it say there is 99% chance! IDK yet! 😐

  14. i hope we have school tommrrow

    i hope we have school tommorow, because my school is going to welch ski resort, and even if school is delayed i wont go!!! This is also the second time weve rescedualled, first being the LAST “big storm”. If we dont go, we wont resceduall!!!