Greatest. Snow Video. Ever!

In his tenure as head of Greens Farms Academy, Bob Whelan has made some amazing Snow Day announcement videos.

Each time, he sets the bar higher for himself.

But now he’s exceeded even his own stratospheric expectations.

Earlier today, GFA families were treated to a work of genius. It was Michelangelo, Mozart and Messi, rolled into one.

Gather ’round the fire. Pop the popcorn. And click below to enjoy!

PS: Why is no one (except Whelan, in the intro) wearing masks?

It was shot in the fall of 2019. But — damn! — there was not a single snow day all last year.

4 responses to “Greatest. Snow Video. Ever!

  1. Carol Buffinton

    Awesome video! Thank you.

  2. Well done. Of course, way back in the day, I believe we learned about snow days via announcements on WICC and/or WMMM.

  3. Michael Calise


  4. Did Greeny get a break on his kid’s tuition for making this happen?