Snow Day!

Yeah, we know it’s gonna snow tonight.

Now we know that Superintendent of Schools Tom Scarice does not subscribe to the let’s-wait-and-see school of snow closing thought.

He’s a realist — and he too really likes snow days. He writes:

With the strong likelihood of a major winter storm tomorrow, I would like to inform the school community that the Westport Public Schools will be closed Thursday, December 17.

This will be a traditional snow day which will be made up at the end of the school year. The schools will reopen Friday as scheduled. If the clean up efforts require a second day, Friday will be a full remote learning day.

The anticipation and excitement of a snow day is something that every child should experience. Soak it up.

As a fellow parent I feel the fleeting nature of time with my own children. The challenge of this year warrants a respite. Let this be Thursday.

The forecast calls for about a foot of fluffy snow to end by mid-morning.  Bundle them up and let them all (elementary through high school) get out and enjoy one of the few days a year that we get for winter fun in southern New England.

Stay safe and warm.

Winslow Park snow day, March 4, 2019. (Photo/Molly Alger)

2 responses to “Snow Day!

  1. What a fabulous message. It that represents such a refreshing break from times past for this Westport parent, when the snow cancellation policies of the Westport School District kept us all on pins and needles until 6.45 am on a school/not school day, trying to plan for about 2 dozen moving interconnected parts with no information until it was almost too late. And now, today, I still work hard at my job – very hard – and I have to confess: it never occurred to me, not until I read this – to grant myself a snow day. It’s all been about pandemics and election madness and adapt-a-holiday and financial survival while trying to keep healthy and still help others in need amidst the heartbreak of seeing friends and family through dreadful medical crises… what if we just TOOK A DAY OFF? What a concept. Thank you, Tom Scarice.

  2. Matthew Mandell

    Nice to hear. My kids are out now, but I know there would have been a lot of cheering. And you know what, our kids are living this crises with us, no
    matter what age, and a stolen day off due to mother nature, is a lot of fun. Enjoy and stay safe.