The World’s Greatest Snow Day Announcement. Ever.

Nearly every school district in Fairfield County is closed today, because of an impending snow and ice storm.

Most of them announced it last night, the old-fashioned way: via Twitter.

Greens Farms Academy took it one — okay, many — steps further.

Bob Whelan — the popular, fun-loving and very involved head of school — posted a video.

But not just any video. This one stars himself — and Westport’s own Mike Greenberg, host of ESPN’s “Get Up!” morning show.

Plus famous athletes Domonique Foxworth, Marcus Spears and Jalen Rose.

Trust me: This is the most entertaining 3 minutes you’ll see all day week month year.

Sure, it costs a lot of money to go to Greens Farms Academy.

But this video is priceless.

(Hat tips: Michelle Levi, Tom and Stacey Henske)

12 responses to “The World’s Greatest Snow Day Announcement. Ever.

  1. What a pleasure, what a surprise to see a head of school with a sense of humor and self deprecation! How lucky is GFA to have Mr. Whelan and how
    much luckier would other schools be if their leaders could catch just a bit of Whelan’s humor germ.

  2. delicious

  3. That man has a great sense of humor that I’m sure is appreciated by both the parents and students at Greens Farms! Only wish we were getting more snow than the rain predicted for the CT shoreline.

  4. OMG my grand children in Bronxville think this is hysterical!

  5. Incredible! I wish I had a principal like him in High School!

  6. For further snow day entertainment, watch these two Michigan administrators! (Go Blue!)

  7. What fun! He has had a long wait this winter to show this video!

  8. Hi Dan,

    Was there supposed to be a link to the video or did I miss it?


  9. Susan Woog Wagner

    Wow.. That took a lot of planning! Very impressive.

  10. Wish Mr. Whelan had been there when my son was there many years ago.

  11. Kudos Bob Whelan for such a fun sense of humor so creatively displayed. May your tenure at GFA always keep you enlightened with such terrific spirit❗️

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