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Pic Of The Day #1922

Sherwood Island Mill Pond (Photo/Sunil Hirani)

Pics Of The Day #1341

Yesterday marked the last night of Hanukkah …. (Photo/Amy Schneider)

… and meanwhile, someone put a Christmas tree in the middle of Sherwood Island Mill Pond (Photo/Matt Murray)

Oyster Gallery Pops Up In Mill Pond

Like many people, Patrick Sikes loves the beauty of Sherwood Mill Pond.

Like many too, he’s fascinated by Hummock Island: the oyster house that sits in the middle of that vast body of water.

The Mill Pond is one of Westport’s most photographed locations. Sikes’ images are particularly good. They should be: He’s a professional photographer.

Recently, he turned some of his Hummock Island shots into unique greeting cards. He posted them on Instagram, where they caught the eye of Jeff Northrop Jr., an owner of Hummock Island Oysters.

He invited the photographer out. Sikes captured the feel of the oyster house: the equipment, the machines, the oysters themselves.

Oystering equipment … (Photo/Patrick Sikes)

His images — black-and-white and color, framed and printed on metal — now hang on the oyster house wall. (Jeff Northrop Sr. made sure  that, as a historic building, no new nails were driven into the wood.)

… and oysters. (Photo/Patrick Sikes)

It’s a unique “gallery.” There’s no electricity, so the photos are seen in natural light.

The other evening, 60 or so oyster-and-art-lovers took the quick boat ride from Compo Cove to Hummock island.

Heading to Hummock Island. (Photo/Patrick Sikes)

They admired the photos. They ate the Northrops’ oysters. And they browsed what is now — thanks to Sikes — a unique gift shop. In addition to greeting cards, he’s created coasters and cutting boards, with his photos and the Hummock Island logo.

Eating oysters outside the Hummock Island house and “gallery.” (Drone photo/Patrick Sikes)

Hummock Island is a special Westport story.

Thanks to Patrick Sikes, it’s now told in striking photos too.

Pic Of The Day #506

Sherwood Mill Pond: the view from the oyster beds. (Photo/Jeff Northrup)

Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #88

Anyone driving on Hillspoint Road has seen Compo Cove — the couple of dozen homes between Old Mill Beach and Sherwood Island. However, many Westporters don’t know they’re accessible only by a foot path near the Sherwood Mill Pond.

Plenty of Westporters do know about this hidden gem, though. And Fred Cantor, Matt Murray, Kathi Sherman, Rich Stein, Robert Mitchell, Michelle Saunders, Andrew Colabella, Susan Huppi, Elayne Landau, Rick Benson, Jann Colabella and Lynn Betts Baker all identified the gate, which was last week’s photo challenge. Click here for the photo; scroll down for comments.

(Fun fact: Back in the 1950s and ’60s — before most homes were winterized — the area was known as “Psycho Path.” The reason: Many summer residents were New York City psychiatrists.)

Today’s photo challenge should be tougher. If you know where in Westport you’d find this scene, click “Comments” below.

Oh My 06880 - September 4, 2016

GreenDay Clean-Up Day

In honor of GreenDay, a number of organizations, groups and random folks pitched in to clean up Westport today.

Sherwood Mill Pond Preserve — the former Allen’s Clam House on Hillspoint Road — drew Staples High School grads and students, Coleytown Middle School students, volunteer residents and members of the Sherwood Mill Pond Advisory Committee.

Sherwood Mill Pond clean-up - Carol Swan

(Photo/Carol Swan)

Steve Gustafson is in the foreground, in the photo above. Other volunteers are behind. And yes, the guy on the bench was just relaxing, as others worked all around him.

Meanwhile downtown, the Y’s Men picked up a year’s worth of trash from the Baldwin parking lot:

Y's Men - Baldwin Parking Lot

Among the other activities: Westport VFW and Auxiliary members cleaned up Riverside Avenue, from Treadwell all the way to the Sunoco station.


Mill Pond Magic

Betsy Phillips Kahn captured this magnificent view of the Sherwood Mill Pond just an hour ago.

One more reason why summer in Westport is special indeed.

(Photo/Betsy Phillips Kahn)

(Photo/Betsy Phillips Kahn)


Why We Love Westport

Alert “06880” reader — and talented photographer — Ellen van Dorsten snapped these stunning photos of the Sherwood Mill Pond.

Both were taken last Thursday.

Here’s the early morning scene:

Mill Pond - Ellen van Dorsten

A few hours later — during a brief 4:30 p.m. rainstorm — it looked like this:

Mill Pond - Ellen van Dorsten 2

Ellen says, “I feel proud to be one of the people who worked so hard, so many years ago, to save this small piece of land from becoming a parking lot and outdoor restaurant.”

But Ellen wasn’t the only photographer on the Mill Pond that day. Lauri Friedland captured the rainbow from a slightly different angle:

Mill Pond rainbow - Lauri Friedland

Meanwhile, just around the corner near Compo Beach this week, Betsy Phillips found this toasty, pre-dawn scene:

Betsy Kahn photoWestport is a beautiful town — at many different times of day.

No matter what time of day you’ve found these photos: enjoy.

A Bright Way To Start The Day

I got this a bit late to post last night — but I hate to let a good rainbow go to waste.

Alert “06880” reader Emily  Chen shot this at the Sherwood Island Mill Pond after yesterday’s thunderstorm.

Sherwood Island Mill Pond Rainbow -- Emily Chen

And Dan Kahn added this, from Danbury Avenue:

Danbury Avenue rainbow

Not a bad way to begin the weekend!

36 Hours In Westport

Every Sunday, the New York Times fills a page of its Travel section with a “36 Hours in…” feature.

Whether Sonoma County, Mexico City or Boston, the idea is the same:  avoid tourist spots; hit interesting restaurants, galleries and shops; get in, get out, go home.

The Times has never done Westport.  So an “06880” reader suggests we do our own.

“Come up with a Friday night, Saturday all day, and Sunday schedule that yields a maximum amount of enjoyment and gets them from and to a specific Metro North train,” he suggests.

The challenge could include “restaurants, theaters, places for recreation, places to rent vehicles or boats, historically significant places, etc.” The idea is to provide as much exposure to as wide a variety of Westport as possible.

The Times’ 36 hours are tied to the seasons.  So let’s figure out what visitors would like to see and do this fall.  Click the “Comments” link to add your ideas.

Please keep suggestions civil.  The Times does not do snark — and, this once, “06880” won’t either.

A walk by Old Mill -- with a view of the Sherwood Island Mill Pond house -- might interest visitors to Westport.