Why We Love Westport

Alert “06880” reader — and talented photographer — Ellen van Dorsten snapped these stunning photos of the Sherwood Mill Pond.

Both were taken last Thursday.

Here’s the early morning scene:

Mill Pond - Ellen van Dorsten

A few hours later — during a brief 4:30 p.m. rainstorm — it looked like this:

Mill Pond - Ellen van Dorsten 2

Ellen says, “I feel proud to be one of the people who worked so hard, so many years ago, to save this small piece of land from becoming a parking lot and outdoor restaurant.”

But Ellen wasn’t the only photographer on the Mill Pond that day. Lauri Friedland captured the rainbow from a slightly different angle:

Mill Pond rainbow - Lauri Friedland

Meanwhile, just around the corner near Compo Beach this week, Betsy Phillips found this toasty, pre-dawn scene:

Betsy Kahn photoWestport is a beautiful town — at many different times of day.

No matter what time of day you’ve found these photos: enjoy.

7 responses to “Why We Love Westport

  1. Avitus Aiello


    Perhaps these pictures are the reasons why it’s hard to leave Westport.

    I haven’t heard back from you in ages I hope all is well.


  2. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Always was a crazy place but beautiful. Some things never change.

  3. I was born and raised in Westport, it always was a great little New England town. But, then all those New Yorkers that had summer homes there chose to move into them permanently. Now it’s just a little NYC. So sad…

  4. robert fatherley

    These are exquisite photographs and thank you for sharing.

    Many of my friends and neighbors have been talking about this exceptional week  of radiant skies with pink and purple, dark skies with slanted sunlight making the Maple Trees seem as though they are on fire. 

    How lucky to have been so fortunate to have taken the time to note these passing moments which will never happen in just the same way again…including the light  and skies in those photographs…..Julie Fatherley

  5. Sally Campbell Palmer

    It was definitely an exceptionally beautiful week here.

  6. Wendy Crowther

    The Sherwood Mill Pond Preserve is one of Westport’s most beautiful places. As a member of the volunteer committee that transformed the former, blighted, parking lot into today’s nature preserve, I remain so thankful to all those who rolled up their sleeves to help plant the site, and also to those who dug deep into their wallets to help us fund its creation.

    If the Sherwood Mill Pond Preserve is one of the reasons that YOU love Westport, you can love it even MORE by helping us sustain it.

    The Committee still keeps a watchful eye on the Preserve. We repair storm damage, remove invasive plants to allow the native plants to flourish, and we repair/replace hardscape elements as nature and usage erode them.

    Our early fundraising efforts yielded enough cash to pay for the Preserve’s repair and replacement costs thus far. However, those funds are now running low and the Preserve could use the public’s help again.

    Donations (tax-deductible) are always welcome. Below is a link to our original donation form. Though some of the info on the form is dated, it can still be used to make a contribution.


    Use the following link to learn more about the Preserve.


    If you haven’t visited the Sherwood Mill Pond Preserve yet, please stop by and enjoy it (191 Hillspoint Rd.). It’s beautiful in all seasons and at all times of day.

  7. I would like to remind Ellen van Dorstien that the area now referred to as the “Millpond Preserve” had always been a “parking lot” and an “outdoor restaurant”, circa 1857, and that two historically significant buildings, the Nash carriage shed,(red barn) and the original section of Allen’s clam house that was build from the timbers of the last schooner built in westport, the “Ella Jane” were demolished by the town to make way for this park. I warmly welcome all new comers to our town, but please don’t rewrite our history.