GreenDay Clean-Up Day

In honor of GreenDay, a number of organizations, groups and random folks pitched in to clean up Westport today.

Sherwood Mill Pond Preserve — the former Allen’s Clam House on Hillspoint Road — drew Staples High School grads and students, Coleytown Middle School students, volunteer residents and members of the Sherwood Mill Pond Advisory Committee.

Sherwood Mill Pond clean-up - Carol Swan

(Photo/Carol Swan)

Steve Gustafson is in the foreground, in the photo above. Other volunteers are behind. And yes, the guy on the bench was just relaxing, as others worked all around him.

Meanwhile downtown, the Y’s Men picked up a year’s worth of trash from the Baldwin parking lot:

Y's Men - Baldwin Parking Lot

Among the other activities: Westport VFW and Auxiliary members cleaned up Riverside Avenue, from Treadwell all the way to the Sunoco station.


2 responses to “GreenDay Clean-Up Day

  1. John Brandt

    Evening Dan,

    Oh boy, they’re going to expect this kind of insane turnaround from now on. Thanks much for the ink.


  2. Carol Mata

    Bravo students, ladies and gentlemen.