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A Bright Way To Start The Day

I got this a bit late to post last night — but I hate to let a good rainbow go to waste.

Alert “06880” reader Emily  Chen shot this at the Sherwood Island Mill Pond after yesterday’s thunderstorm.

Sherwood Island Mill Pond Rainbow -- Emily Chen

And Dan Kahn added this, from Danbury Avenue:

Danbury Avenue rainbow

Not a bad way to begin the weekend!

Kansas: Eat Your Heart Out!

Among the many handsome beach-area homes, 9 Danbury Avenue often stands out.

It’s architecturally intriguing, and lovingly landscaped.

Now there’s one more reason to stop and stare:

It might not be the tallest sunflower in the world.

But at 14 feet tall — and still growing — it might be the most intriguing.

Delightful Danbury Avenue

The other day, a post about a beloved beach bungalow looked back on a bygone era. Former owners and renters of 12 Fairfield Avenue — and dozens of commenters — shared memories of growing up by the beach.

Just one street over — on Danbury Avenue — young kids today are making their own memories.

Much of the Compo area now teems with boys and girls. But Danbury Avenue has even more than most other streets. And the tight-knit families — and tightly packed houses — contribute to a spirit of shared adventure and neighborliness rare in these times of individual activity and hyper-vigilant parenting.

Several residents recently described an almost idyllic summer, in which children of all ages race in and out of each other’s yards (and homes). One woman described half a dozen elementary schoolers trooping into her house one morning, to rouse her teenager as he slept in.

A recent summer activity on Danbury Avenue was a lemonade stand. Jamie, Cameron, Spencer and Mason (above) — and many others — spent 4 days raising over $500 for the Hole in the Wall Gang.

Parents casually watch out for everyone — sometimes from porches, as the sound of laughter echoes up and down the street.

Older kids shepherd younger ones to the jetty to fish, or further away to the local community center (Elvira’s).

Danbury Avenue is also one of those rare places where, during the school year, kids gather at communal bus stops. And if that doesn’t describe a special place in town, nothing does.