Kansas: Eat Your Heart Out!

Among the many handsome beach-area homes, 9 Danbury Avenue often stands out.

It’s architecturally intriguing, and lovingly landscaped.

Now there’s one more reason to stop and stare:

It might not be the tallest sunflower in the world.

But at 14 feet tall — and still growing — it might be the most intriguing.

3 responses to “Kansas: Eat Your Heart Out!

  1. This Home was designed by Hank Morehouse a Staplite of the early 70’s

  2. Eric Buchroeder

    Actually of the late 60’s at SHS. He’s a graduate of Williston Academy and the great RISD.

  3. We LOVE! Hank–and we highly recommend him– he has two more restorations coming up in Compo Beach area right now– : ) Will be fun to watch~ betsy +dan