And The Train Kept A-Rollin’…

Today — just hours after yesterday’s “06880” discussion of Metro-North trains missing stops —  alert reader Geoff Smith heard this announcement on the 2:04 p.m. train out of Grand Central:

“Once again, we apologize but somehow we missed the Westport stop.  Once again,…”.

Geoff adds: “I thought it had to be a joke.”


“Wishful thinking,” he says. “Let the complaints begin.”

8 responses to “And The Train Kept A-Rollin’…

  1. Mark Mathias

    Maybe Westport should be renamed Brigadoon, a town which magically disappears, then re-appears later. Maybe Westport has been flickering in and out of existence, hence no reason to stop when we don’t exist. See:

  2. Sounds like a good “Twilight Zone” episode to me!

  3. Sorry don’t feed the bulldog.

  4. Bill Armstrong

    You can’t make this stuff up. Woog calls it — and it happens again! If I wanted to take a train to Fairfield i would do so on my own! Rookie drivers!

  5. Yeah, call it Willoughby. The train will stop.

  6. Yessiree…picking up my relatives from the Westport stop…and it just went rolling through! Try driving up to Fairfield to collect them on a busy Friday (holiday) weekend. Yikes! Sounds like MetroNorth at least admitted their mistake this time. Surely this takes them a few more steps through the 12 step program.

  7. Westporter since 1970

    Does anyone think the missed stops are unrelated to the nasty comments about MetroNorth workers by Westporters?