Delightful Danbury Avenue

The other day, a post about a beloved beach bungalow looked back on a bygone era. Former owners and renters of 12 Fairfield Avenue — and dozens of commenters — shared memories of growing up by the beach.

Just one street over — on Danbury Avenue — young kids today are making their own memories.

Much of the Compo area now teems with boys and girls. But Danbury Avenue has even more than most other streets. And the tight-knit families — and tightly packed houses — contribute to a spirit of shared adventure and neighborliness rare in these times of individual activity and hyper-vigilant parenting.

Several residents recently described an almost idyllic summer, in which children of all ages race in and out of each other’s yards (and homes). One woman described half a dozen elementary schoolers trooping into her house one morning, to rouse her teenager as he slept in.

A recent summer activity on Danbury Avenue was a lemonade stand. Jamie, Cameron, Spencer and Mason (above) — and many others — spent 4 days raising over $500 for the Hole in the Wall Gang.

Parents casually watch out for everyone — sometimes from porches, as the sound of laughter echoes up and down the street.

Older kids shepherd younger ones to the jetty to fish, or further away to the local community center (Elvira’s).

Danbury Avenue is also one of those rare places where, during the school year, kids gather at communal bus stops. And if that doesn’t describe a special place in town, nothing does.

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  1. I wish I could afford such an idyllic lifestyle 🙁

  2. Wish we could too. (From someone who is living on Danbury but can’t really afford it!)

  3. What lucky kids. They have no idea how good they have it, nor should they at that age.

    • Agreed. I grew up on Fairfield Ave and still pinch myself at pictures of Compo Beach, thinking I was there just about everyday.

  4. Westport Convert

    I love this so much. Great feature, Dan. Reminds me why me and the family moved to Westport many years ago.


    • Eric Buchroeder

      Water Closet!!!! You continue to delight!!! “Reminds me why me and the family moved to Westport many years ago.” I’m sure it wasn’t to learn grammar, was it?!!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

      • Old and Grey

        Thanks Eric…I was gonna say something about the poor grammar but that’s modern education for you.

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        You know you need to seek mental help when you crucify a commenter for missing one word in their sentence. Jeeze, you people are incredibly pathetic.

        WC – don’t let them get to you.

        • They are “getting even” for prior remarks. Dan asked you to choose a pseudonym. Can’t you read? Have your nurse pick something out for you, Anon. It’s you who are pathetic. There are many Anon’s.

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          “Crucify”? Pull your panties out of your crack Anon. That was just a love tap.

          • Go get ’em, Eric…
            “Live by the sword, die by the sword” is a saying derived from a Biblical parable. The proverb comes from the Gospel of Matthew, verse 26:52.
            Anon ain’t worth your time, Eric, but I love ya anyway 🙂

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          Mr. Anon you wish you lived where I do. 24/7 nursing..caviar..filet mignon tidbits..special turn down service…low-income…NOT!

  5. Dan, I suppose there’s nothing you can do to stop this mean spirited bantering. A charming bit of nostalgia turned adolescent rubbish. I am so sorry that a few people are spoiling your delightful blog.
    Old Brit

    • Old and Grey

      That OB is the way of the modern anonymous blogs and freedom of the press. If the Blogmaster would want to change the atmosphere he could but does’t want to. Check nicety at the door…or not.

    • OB, it’s sad. Isn’t it? You can thank Eric Buchroeder for such an unwarranted mocking of WC, who did absolutely nothing except agree with the sentiments of this post. Throwing stones in his glass house, it seems.

  6. Old and Grey

    BTW…if I have a “serious” post I use my real name…which I have done many many times

  7. Dan, I thought this was a delightful piece. I used to live on Danbury Ave. from 1977-1983. Bought an old beach house at the dead end area, reworked it slowly, rented it each summer to a Grandma who rotated her grandchildren to visit her as I used the money to travel for 2 months to third world countries. My daughter was born there. The neighbors were wonderful. One we called Aunt Kathy, though not a formal relative. I often visited another and joined their family sitting in their livingroom, all of us reading our own books…comraderie in silence, it was special. I recall an older woman who lived a few houses in from the beach; she would sit on her porch and wave to us as we walked down to the beach. One day she wasn’t there so we rang her doorbell and, when she didn’t answer, we just walked in, calling for her. She was ill, so we took her grocery list and went shopping for her instead of going to the beach.
    Maybe the world would be a better place if these kindnesses existed more.
    Thanks for writing about this.

  8. There are only 7 actual posters with a myriad of pseudonyms. All with multiple personalities. Dan sells his blog to Harvard’s psyco center, where they chart the course of 06880 civilization.