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24 Inches!

Two feet is really a lot of snow.

It’s gorgeous.  Compelling.  Breath-taking.

Compo Beach, as it's seldom seen.

It’s also a ton of snow to get rid of.

So far, our plow guys have done an amazing job.  Many roads are already cleared to the pavement.

The shoulders are another story — we’ll deal with that tomorrow.  In the meantime: THANKS to all who helped dig us out so far.

Rockwell Framing, framed by Sconset Square snow.

The traditional pile at the corner of Post Road and Main Street seems even more imposing than usual.

Private plows have not yet dug out the hair and nail salons on Church Lane at Myrtle Avenue. They're not the only ones.

Got a snow photo to share?  Send to:  dwoog@optonline.net.  Show us what you’ve got!

Sconset Art Stroll

Emerging artists — and Westporters hoping to discover the next wave of great artists — get a chance to meet this Thursday evening  (May 20).

Sconset Square shops will open their doors for an “Art Stroll.”  From 6-8 p.m., 66 works in a variety of media will be shown.   “Emerging artists” must never have had a solo show or gallery representation.

Refreshments will be offered from Mirabelle Cheese Shop’s traveling fromagerie.  Also:  “emerging specialty wines” from Country Liquor Store, music, and “a cozy fire pit” by Gault.

On Sunday (11 a.m. to 5 p.m.), art will be available at Sconset.  There will be demonstrations by professional artists, musical performances, works from the Toquet Hall student art competition — and a chance to respond to the question “What inspires you?”  (Answers will be tied to a tree, for all to see.)

Finally at Sconset Square on Sunday:  a Tesla electric car.

What’s that got to do with art?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Tesla is where “art and technology meet face to face.”  A Tesla official will discuss the car as an art form.

No word on what’s more expensive:  a Tesla, or art by emerging artists.

(Thursday’s and Sunday’s events are sponsored by Art by Local, a collaboration between the Westport Downtown Merchants Association and Westport Arts Center.)