Fitting A Lot Into A Bungalow

A few times a year, a 40-foot container pulls into Sconset Square.

It’s filled to the brim with European artifacts, antiques and goods.

Within a day, Bungalow — the very cool shop crammed full of furniture, home accessories, art, textiles, jewelry, books and gifts — is emptied.

All the new stuff comes in. Then everything is rearranged.

But it doesn’t happen in an instant. Here was the scene earlier today:


Good thing it didn’t rain.

3 responses to “Fitting A Lot Into A Bungalow

  1. Jacques Voris

    I hear they like delicious pizza too!

  2. Good thing I don’t have a hair cutting appointment at Roots Salon in the same Sconsett Square! There wouldn’t be any parking spaces available. Bungalo has nice things though. I’ll have to take a look when it’s all installed. Jane Sherman

  3. Jamie Camche

    A treasure trove !!!