Photo Challenge #134

Everyone knows the “06880” tagline: “Where Westport meets the world.”

Which means it’s okay that last week’s photo challenge — taken by Paul Curtis, of a sign at a train station saying “Westport” — is located not within our Westport, but rather in Westport, New York.

It’s a lovely Adirondacks town, on the western shore of Lake Champlain. Camp Dudley — where (Connecticut) Westport kids have gone for years — is there.

“Dirty pool! Isn’t the photo challenge supposed to highlight Westport, Connecticut?” one reader complained.

Chill out. It was a joke!

Tom Ziobro, Elaine Marino, Bill Coley, John Kelley and Lynda Hennessey all knew where this Westport was. Other guesses included Westports in Massachusetts, Michigan, Ontario and Ireland.

Not one person thought it was in 06880. Good job, “06880” readers! (Click here for the photo, and all comments.)

Here’s this week’s photo challenge:

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

I’ll give you one hint: It’s in Westport, Connecticut.

If you think you know where, click “Comments” below.

28 responses to “Photo Challenge #134

  1. Diane Silfen

    I think at Nash’s pond by the waterfall

  2. Behind the buildings on Imperial by downtown?

  3. Joanne Heller

    Is this the river that is next to the shopping center with Home Goods and Michaels?

  4. Vanessa Bradford

    Stream that always floods Myrtle Avenue

  5. Stream where baskin robin was and runs under post rd

  6. Elaine Marino

    Where Deadman’s Brook goes between William Pitt Sotheby’s and Le Penguin.

  7. Agree with Fred Cantor. The creek behind the buildings on Imperial near downtown.

  8. Michael Brennecke

    Dead mans brook by Sconset sq

  9. John Terpening

    Deadman’s Brook between 2 Violet Lane (I lived there in the 70’s) and the phone company, looking towards Myrtle Ave.

  10. Don Chambers

    Elaine is correct.

  11. Near Bridgewater?

  12. Jim Goodrich

    Stony Brook between Sylvan Road South and Sylvan Lane across from Gilberties and a bit before it ducks under Riverside Ave and into the Saugatuck River

  13. Dead man’s brook?

  14. Stoney brook behind sylvan tennis parking lotb

  15. Edward Bloch

    Dead Man’s Brook abutting Sconset Square.

  16. Lots of good guesses, all around town. The correct answer is Dead Man’s Brook — the section that often floods Myrtle Avenue, just before disappearing underneath the Post Road on its way to Imperial Avenue. Now we need to know: Why is it called Dead Man’s Brook?

  17. Don’t know why.. but it did almost drown a Former Westporter back in the day… but was saved by two of her classmates that crossed the post road and plucked her out after traveling under the road way… made the news

  18. Nancy Hunter

    No, not “complaining” Dan, joking too — thinking about a past photo challenge, a painting inside a private home… even Fred, 06880’s resident attorney thought that was “dirty pool”, but all in good fun! Enjoy another lovely summer day!

  19. Mary Cookman Schmerker '58

    I’m very late to the discussion but I was sure it was Dead Man’s Brook. I’ll bet Morley Boyd knows how it got it’s name…….

  20. Seth Braunstein

    Deadman’s Brook?

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  21. Behind Sherwood and Garelick law building

  22. Is this the “lock” for Nash’s pond?

  23. Audrey Hertzel

    My sister lives in Westport, NY on 16 acres with views of the Adirondacks including Whiteface — not to mention breathtaking sunsets! As my Mom says, “Both my girls live in a town called Westport and they are as different as their zip codes!”

  24. Joyce Barnhart

    I checked this today for the answer. There is a strange coincidence in that I’m pretty sure that it was John Kelsey who rescued the girl who fell in the brook and today was the memorial service for his late mother, Carolyn Kelsey Meyer, Bill Meyer’s widow

  25. Glenn Payne

    David Press did a good amount of research into a related topic and has the answer to the name origin, see attached story