24 Inches!

Two feet is really a lot of snow.

It’s gorgeous.  Compelling.  Breath-taking.

Compo Beach, as it's seldom seen.

It’s also a ton of snow to get rid of.

So far, our plow guys have done an amazing job.  Many roads are already cleared to the pavement.

The shoulders are another story — we’ll deal with that tomorrow.  In the meantime: THANKS to all who helped dig us out so far.

Rockwell Framing, framed by Sconset Square snow.

The traditional pile at the corner of Post Road and Main Street seems even more imposing than usual.

Private plows have not yet dug out the hair and nail salons on Church Lane at Myrtle Avenue. They're not the only ones.

Got a snow photo to share?  Send to:  dwoog@optonline.net.  Show us what you’ve got!

7 responses to “24 Inches!

  1. The town always does an amazing job with snow removal…and after living in Washington, DC and Atlanta, GA, I can tell you that the effort shouldn’t be taken for granted.

  2. Just think … some Westport houses might actually begin to look small!

  3. westportersince1970

    If you got out, the rewards were worth it.

    You could see the hill where I went sledding as a kid. It was packed!

    You could see lots of guys with plows and shovels looking for a day’s work.

    You could also see many stuck cars. Including mine. Thanks again to the Samaritans who pushed me out of a drift.

  4. I, too, was both thrilled and impressed by the state of the roads yesterday. It is not to be taken for granted, Prill! Thanks for that reminder.

    I do hope that, as Dan alluded to, the snow is removed from shoulders. The roads are incredibly narrow and those blind corners are difficult to navigate around; I fear for what could happen during Westport’s usual hustle and bustle. Some don’t understand that conditions do exist that dictate when you must drive slooower….

    But, I do love the scenery and hope that I don’t get into an accident admiring the surrounding beauty!!!

  5. Great job to all our Town Employees out there clearing the streets and oncall for emergencies.

    • I heard two comments this morning — one from someone in Fairfield, another who commutes down Route 7 from the Danbury area — how much better Westport’s roads are than other towns around here.

  6. Now, the joggers and runners can go out and make us drivers nervous.