Getting Into The Snow

A friend of mine said:  “I’m so glad I have 3 teenage boys.  Who else would watch me shovel?”

Gabriel Holm is not yet a teenager.  So the Bedford 6th grader spent most of today helping clear his family’s driveway.

It took hours — but he worked very, very hard, and it’s done.

Great job, Gabriel.  Now go play Mortal Kombat.

Meanwhile, when you’re young, you don’t have to work; you just play outside.  Another “06880” reader sent along this photo, captioned “Kindergarten Student”:

One day years from now — in, say, 2055 — he’ll tell his kids about the winter of 2010-11, and how he made snow angels in drifts that were almost as tall as he was.

And they’ll roll their eyes, and go right back to the mid-21st-century version of Mortal Kombat.

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