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Working On The Railroad: The Prequel

This morning’s post on commuter advocate John Hartwell was headlined: “He’s Been Working On The Railroad.”

That sent town art curator Kathie Bennewitz scurrying to the Westport Historical Society archives. She found this photo:

Saugatuck Railroad Station - construction

It’s undated. But an accompanying note says it shows “construction of Saugatuck RR Bridge.”

The sign on the right says “Slow to 10 M.”

The bridge was built well over a century ago. But Metro-North still slows down every day — unfortunately, everywhere from New Haven to New York.

Permitting Railroad Parking

With Metro-North‘s power back (more or less) to normal, an “06880” reader turns his fire on the railroad parking situation.

He says:

As one of hundreds of residents waiting for a parking permit, I receive the daily $5 ticket. However, the police station is not open on weekends, or hours that a working commuter can use. If you are restricted to paying online, egregious late fees kick in.

Why can’t the town charge non-permit holders slightly more monthly, annually, etc.? Even charging non-permit holders double the equivalent rate that permit holders pay, we would save hundreds of dollars per year.

An annual pass is $325, whereas the $5 daily rate works out to $1,200 a year. There should be an option to buy a longer-dated pass at this rate.

train station parking

Also, mailing in checks doesn’t work for commuters who utilize the federal tax advanced commuter benefit accounts/flex spending accounts, and need to pay via credit card.

Another problem: I had to take my wife’s car one day. When you go to pay online, it’s only on one vehicle. I discovered too late that the 1-day $5 fee for my wife’s car turned into $75. There has to be a better way.

Paying almost 4 times as much as permit holders is fine. Just make it easier to pay, and not get hit with excessive fees.

“06880” readers: What do you think? Hit “Comments” to reply.