All A(bill)board!

Last month, the Westport Transit District announced a new commuter shuttle marketing campaign.

Unlike many Metro-North trains, it arrived on time.

Recently — with the help of Police Chief Foti Koskinas and his team — the WTD installed new billboards at the Saugatuck and Greens Farms railroad station.

They’re eye-catching. And clever.

A much-needed route map helps too:

The WTD is also placing 5 x 7 route and information cards all around town: the stations, coffee shops, library, Town Hall and at real estate agencies, to name a few.

Meanwhile, they’ve sent emails to railroad parking permit holders, those on the wait list, and the Westport Parks and Recreation list. Those have generated interest in the website, which includes schedules and instructions on how to download the MyStop app. (Yes, it takes you to the Norwalk Transit District site. You’re in the right place.)

The Westport Transit District is making all the right moves to boost ridership.

Plus, those billboards give you something to look at while you wait for that overdue train.

4 responses to “All A(bill)board!

  1. The only problem with getting to the train easily and conveniently and on time is that once you are there you have to take metro north which has done only one thing better in 20 years and thats get worse!

  2. Those are very clever ads Dan. Of course, your blog piece will give huge visibility also!

  3. Thanks foti and sAm and Dave and Ryan You guys help us out as much as you can as someone on the CTC we thank your help and all off us keep working together in the new year