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Positano’s To Change Hands — And More?

An Old Mill area resident writes:

My husband and I are devastated over rumors that Positano’s will be sold to a developer from Greenwich, to become a residential home.

I’m not sure how many people know that the wonderful owners of this restaurant fought to have 3 tables of outdoor seating a few years ago, but were denied due to a very few uptight neighbors. This devastated the owners.

Most of us in this area love them, and Positano’s. Having a restaurant on the beach in Westport is truly magical, even a necessity.

The number of marriage proposals that I’ve seen take place at Positano’s is a testament to the beauty of the space.

Positano's, on Hillspoint Road near Elvira's.

Positano’s, on Hillspoint Road near Elvira’s.

I can’t believe there aren’t more options for both food and festivities on the Sound. I have heard wonderful stories about Allen’s Clam House (now the Sherwood Mill Pond preserve).

Splash will now be the only water view restaurant on the Sound.

Today, I called Positano’s to track down the rumor. A representative said he could not confirm the potential sale, for a private residence. He said, however, they would “probably” move by the end of the year.

To Serve And Protect (From Tickets)

How often do we complain about what we think is an unfair parking ticket?

Or complain that the cops don’t ticket someone who’s clearly parked illegally?

This story splits the difference.

Positano's is pretty. But parking nearby is a bitch.

Positano’s is pretty. But parking on Hillspoint is a bitch.

A Westport police officer spotted a painting contractor’s truck parked past the “Do Not Park Beyond Here” sign on Hillspoint Road, near Positano’s.

Yet rather than whip out his pen, he crossed the street and started knocking on doors.

He figured the truck belonged to someone working on a nearby house. He wanted to cut the guy a break.

It took only a couple of tries before the cop found his man. He gratefully moved his truck.

It was not a huge event — barely a small one.

But it made an enormous impression on one hard-working painter — and one alert, and very impressed “06880” reader who saw the whole thing.

Positano’s Patio

As someone’s Italian/Scottish grandmother might say, Positano’s is in a bit of a kerfuffle.

On Thursday the restaurant asked the Planning and Zoning Commission for permission to put tables on its outdoor patio.

The terrace — sitting serenely on the Sound — has been there since 2000. The restaurant — catty-corner from Elvira’s, in the Old Mill section of town — has been there far longer.  Old-timers remember it as Cafe de la Plage.

A no-brainer, right?


The patio is illegal. The owners never sought town approval. Outdoor dining is prohibited in residential areas.

And, oh yeah: Part of it was built on town land. Well, sand. Anyway: We own the beach.

The terrace at Positano’s juts into town-owned land.

Dozens of nearby residents oppose the request to place 4 tables on the patio, adding 10 seats to the restaurant for a total of 62. They cite “noise, commotion and congestion,” according to the Westport News, along with inadequate and illegal parking.

Yet at least one resident — 89-year-old Allen Raymond — thinks the proposal is fine.

A view of Positano’s from Hillspoint Road.

Positano’s land-use consultant, Mel Barr, claims that because the economy has driven business down 30 percent from a few years ago, the move to outdoor dining is a necessary “shot in the arm.”

Neighbors might respond it’s a kick in the teeth.

The P&Z did not vote on the application — officially, a lease of town property to the restaurant to allow use of the patio — and public comments are officially closed.

But that doesn’t mean “06880” readers can’t weigh in. Click on your preference in the poll below.  Mangia — or not?