To Serve And Protect (From Tickets)

How often do we complain about what we think is an unfair parking ticket?

Or complain that the cops don’t ticket someone who’s clearly parked illegally?

This story splits the difference.

Positano's is pretty. But parking nearby is a bitch.

Positano’s is pretty. But parking on Hillspoint is a bitch.

A Westport police officer spotted a painting contractor’s truck parked past the “Do Not Park Beyond Here” sign on Hillspoint Road, near Positano’s.

Yet rather than whip out his pen, he crossed the street and started knocking on doors.

He figured the truck belonged to someone working on a nearby house. He wanted to cut the guy a break.

It took only a couple of tries before the cop found his man. He gratefully moved his truck.

It was not a huge event — barely a small one.

But it made an enormous impression on one hard-working painter — and one alert, and very impressed “06880” reader who saw the whole thing.

5 responses to “To Serve And Protect (From Tickets)

  1. This officer showed the respect and dignity that we expect, and generally get, from our men and women in blue. Hope that 06880 continues to cover these positive things.

    Things Mr Woog

  2. Jack Whittle

    Great service to the community, great story – great town. Yeah, I’m pretty “town-proud”

  3. Robin Babbin

    Thanks Dan for noting that story. Westport is a very special place to live!

  4. A human response to a harried workers parking pitfall!

  5. Eric William Buchroeder

    Glad to see the WPD hasn’t changed (for the worst, at least) in 61 years (which is as far back as I go). Chief Sam Luciano must be smiling from on high!!!!