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Unsung Hero #256

On a recent Friday night, an “06880” reader who wishes to remain anonymous hosted a dinner party.

An hour before her guests came, the caterer had not yet delivered the food.

She called, expecting to hear: “We’ll be there in a minute.”

Instead, the caterer said: “We can’t find your order.”

She insisted they look. They found it. Unfortunately, it had been scheduled for the next day.

With 40 people arriving in 50 minutes, the hostess panicked.

Then she did the only thing she could think of. She called her favorite takeout place: Layla’s Falafel.

A wonderful woman named Kikou answered the phone. She listened to the saga and said simply, “we can help.”

About 90 minutes later — thanks to Kikou and Layla’s amazing staff — a delicious spread for 40 appeared.

“Everyone raved about the food,” the grateful hostess says. “Of course they did, It’s Layla’s!”

She adds, “I wouldn’t recommend leaving your catering until an hour before a large party.

“But Layla’s came through. Dino, the owner, is awesome. He clearly hires well.”

Two of Layla’s Falafel many great dishes.

She has been a loyal customer since 2001, at the Fairfield and Stamford locations before they opened on the Post Road near Maple Avenue.

And, she says, she will be now — for life.

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The 1st-Ever “06880” Story Involving A Tanning Salon, The Super Bowl And Public Toilets

Spotted on the front door of Palm Beach Tan, on Post Road East:

Okay. I kind of get why — a month ahead of time — they let their customers know they’ll be closing early for the Super Bowl.

They don’t want to disappoint all those pale folks racing in every Sunday evening, for those 7 p.m. appointments.

But “No Public Restrooms”?

Did I miss that epidemic of folks driving off I-95 — or those living nearby without indoor plumbing — who keep bugging Palm Beach Tan, screaming, “We gotta go!”?

The least they can do is direct them to Layla’s Falafel next door — a very welcoming spot. Maybe the 2 gas stations across the street.

Or just about any other place in town.

Unsung Hero #71

Last Saturday was a big day for Erica Titlebaum — though she did not know it.

Jacob Elson was going to ask her to marry him.

He’d worked hard to create a special setting, at Sherwood Island State Park. The weather was glorious.

Jacob had planned everything out — including the photographer. He asked his father to hide nearby. But it was tough to coordinate that part.

At 5 p.m. — half an hour before Erica’s mom Michelle was going to show up — she had a flash of inspiration: Call Jerri Graham.

Michelle had met the talented photographer — just once. She knew her mostly through Facebook. But she called, and asked if Jerri could run over to Sherwood Island and get some photos of her daughter being proposed to.

By 5:20 Jerri was hiding in the bushes — and taking amazing shots.

Jacob Elson and Erica Titlebaum, moments after their engagement. (Photo/Jerri Graham Photography)

“What a community!” Michelle says. “I had no relationship with Jerri. I just knew she takes great pictures. But she ran out of her house to help me, at the very last minute.”

Yet Jerri is not our only Unsung Hero.

From Sherwood Island, Michelle headed to Layla’s Falafel. She’d ordered food for people coming back to her house to celebrate.

As she paid, she mentioned happily that her daughter had just gotten engaged.

The man behind the counter told her to wait. Despite a line of customers he turned around, filled many more containers with food, and sent Michelle on her way.

With a hug.

“Despite everything we hear, Westport still has a small-town feel,” Michelle says. “I love it here!”

And we love her story.

Thanks, Jerri Graham. Thanks, Layla’s.

And mazel tov to Erica and Jacob!

Friday Flashback #87

A local news site reported recently that the Post Road strip mall by North Maple Avenue — the one with Dunkin’ Donuts, a cleaners, tanning salon and much-loved Layla’s Falafel — would be torn down.

Not true. The demolition permit is for the hideous Quonset hut that has hulked behind it for decades.

A paint job in 2010 made it look at least a little more presentable.

So the strip mall will remain. It’s one of our many mini-shopping plazas.

The longest tenant — before sailing away in 2014 — was the Boat Locker. But back in the 1960s, that space was occupied by one of Westport’s first fast-food franchises:

(Photo courtesy of Paul Ehrismann)

KFC — or “Kentucky Fried Chicken,” as it was known then — was not the only quick poultry place in town.

Downtown, in Brooks Corner, Westporters enjoyed Chicken-a-Go-Go.

And yes, as the name indicated, they delivered.