Boat Locker Sails Away

Visitors to the Boat Locker — across from ASF — are being greeted with this note:

Boat Locker

The sign promises that the new digs in Bridgeport are “bigger and better.”

But — for Westport fans of the longtime sailboat/kayak/paddleboard/ accessories store — it’s also a lot further away.

4 responses to “Boat Locker Sails Away

  1. They will be missed and likely an irreplaceable phenomenon where people were able to follow their passion and make a business and an impact to the culture of our community. From Art and Joan Ellis to Scott Hardy, we have been very lucky to have our own community folks providing us with a slice of personal service and support (and after-school jobs for high schoolers who want to follow their passion). That “town character” doesn’t come from a chain store and out of town employees.

    The Boat Locker has been an integral part of our community and played a unique role in a slice of life, and many kids’ lives, over the years. It would make a good “history of Westport business” story, as its connections are broader and deeper than one would know.

    Thank you and Best Wishes on the move Scott! – Chris Woods

  2. Morley Boyd

    Wasn’t that big Quonset hut out back was once part of the U.S. Army’s solid fuel Nike missle program?

  3. John Kantor

    TBL has a long esteemed family business history in Westport. Originally Larsen’s Locker in the ’50s, it later became The Boat Locker under successive owners, Zarbock, then Surprise and now the Hardys. It has been a pleasure to do business with them all. Glad they are not closing up – just moving down the road.

  4. Kelly Chang

    I was initially sad to hear that The Boat Locker would be moving, but as a customer and current employee of the TBL team, this is definitely a step in the right direction. The new building is a beautiful new venue for the business, and I am so so excited to be part of all the new developments. AND it’s only a 10-minute commute. I hope that the Westport community will continue to support Scott and his team during this huge transition and onward.