Update: The Ugliest Building In Westport

A few weeks ago, “06880” called this “the ugliest building in Westport”:

Quonset hut, Westport CT

Today it looks like this:

Quonset hut, Westport CT

“06880” takes back everything we said.  This is no longer “the ugliest building in Westport.”

It’s now “the ugliest building in Westport with a new paint job.”

PS:  “06880” won’t take credit for the makeover of the Quonset hut behind the Boat Locker, off North Maple Avenue.  But we won’t deny we had something to do with it either.

10 responses to “Update: The Ugliest Building In Westport

  1. Watching the workmen paint the top yesterday was interesting. Looked like a very dangerous, precarious job. Fortunately, the fellow spray painting up there did not fall.

  2. Stephen Rubin

    “Ugly” is in the eyes of beholder! It’s an old Quonset hut! It has character.

  3. Wow, Congratulations!

    If you ever doubt the weight of your blog refer back to this.

  4. Where is thios? Looks familiar, but I can’t recall.

  5. Thanks–I normally can read quite well, but it’s 9,000 degrees in NYC today & I am without A/C, so not all impulses are crossing the synapses.

  6. “It’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from goin’ under ” — Grandmaster Flash

  7. Yes, it’s undeniably ugly. But is it truly the “ugliest building in Westport”? (Yes, ugliness – like beauty – is in the eyes of the beholder.) I’d nominate the hideous white elephant on Post Rd West that masquerades as a Toyota dealership as the ugliest.