Green Grows The Parking Lot

In a town filled with gross parking lots,  the one formerly known as Shaw’s stands out as particularly fugly.  Now mostly empty, it’s even grimmer than usual.

So it’s heartening to see perky new landscaping near the entrance, where Everything Personalized used to squat.  It’s not yet finished, and “06880” looks forward to watching this former patch of asphalt grow green.

Shaws shopping center, Westport CT

We’d be happier without Outdoor Design’s self-congratulatory sign.  And things will look better still when the vacant Shaw’s reopens as Fresh Market.

But hey.  It’s a start.  As we learned many times on line at Shaw’s:  We can wait.

2 responses to “Green Grows The Parking Lot

  1. Chip Stephens

    Nice to see the improved parking view BUT those of us on the west side of town (Saugatuck) are stuck driving to the Fairfield line to pick up groceries or a missing part of a recipe at Stop and Shop We used to have Peters Bridge and Shaws now nothing except specialty stops like Trader Joes or Whole Food close, really annoying as the Magees ran such a nice store and Shaws was reasonable and less crazy than S and S….. BOTH locations were forced out by landlords with little noise from the community
    C’est le guerre

  2. There are many things yet to come at this center. The Kowalsky family is in the middle of a multi-million dollar renovation. Along with the addition of The Fresh Market, Little Gym and LCR Westport, new sidewalks are being added, the facade of the building is going to be re-done, plus the parking lot will be repaved, along with new outdoor lighting. One last thing Shaw’s was not forced out as some may think, they chose not to renew their Lease, look around in other towns in CT, Shaw’s is closing several locations.