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Unsung Heroes #266

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Until you get stuck behind an Amazon, FedEx, UPS, Postal Service or other delivery truck, double-parked or otherwise blocking your way as you hustle to get all your holiday gifts bought, wrapped and sent.

Of course, those delivery persons are making sure that someone else’s presents make it to their loved ones (or clients) on time too.

So: Give ’em a break. Don’t worry about the flashing lights, awkwardly open doors, or that by maneuvering around one delivery truck you may run smack into another.

Be thankful that Americans still buy and send gifts. That we have evolved a system that can get just about anything from just about anyplace to your front door, in just about 12 seconds.

Even if, occasionally, your package ends up on someone else’s door. Or vice versa.

Delivery people are overworked, overstressed, over-managed and underpaid.

They’re our Unsung Heroes of the Week.

And it wouldn’t hurt to leave a basket of goodies out for them, either.


Unsung Heroes #128

This week’s Unsung Heroes choice is a no-brainer.

I was thinking of it. But alert “06880” reader Adam Stolpen put it best in these words:

I ran into a UPS delivery driver yesterday afternoon. He was making a local delivery.

He’d started his route in the morning. It was 3 p.m. — and he still had 90 more stops to go.

He said during the holidays he generally makes more than 300 stops a day. That’s about twice what he does  the rest of the year.

And we thought everything was all done once we clicked on Amazon Prime…

Of course, it’s not just UPS. This week’s Unsung Heroes also work for FedEx, the post office, and any other business in the business of shipping.

So the next time you’re tempted to toot at the UPS guy for double parking, or the FedEx driver for blocking the sidewalk, remember: That could be your gift in the back of the truck.

PS: Big props to to all those folks at the UPS store who box your packages; the people at local shops who mail your presents for you, and anyone else who does all that delivery work you never seen. 

(To nominate an Unsung Hero, email dwoog@optonline.net)

I Spoke Too Soon

Saturday’s post called out — with vivid photographic evidence — FedEx and UPS trucks. Within minutes of each other, they parked illegally — in the fire lane, and going the wrong way — in the Fresh Market parking lot.

At least, I said, the US Postal Service didn’t do that.

Uh oh.

Not content to trail the leaders in overnight delivery services, they also bring up the rear in illegal parking.

It took until today, but they finally got it right.

Er, wrong.

Post office truck

FedEx, UPS: Both Flunk Parking

An alert “06880” reader — who requests anonymity, because she still wants to receive packages at her home — says:

I was walking to  Sweet Frog the other day, when this UPS driver jerk dangerously cut me off. He drove and parked the wrong way in the 1-way lane — and in the fire lane.

I said, “Hey, did you know this is 1-way,  and you cut me off right in front of the frozen yogurt place where children go? This is very dangerous!” He walked away saying, “yeah yeah,” totally dismissing me.  So I took this picture, and went back to my car to email it to you explaining what happened.

UPS truck, wrong way Westport CT

Well, within a minute a FedEx truck came and did the exact same thing — driving the wrong way in the 1-way lane and parking in the fire lane. Unbelievable! So I took that picture too.

FedEx truck parking wrong way - Westport CT

Hey! The US Postal Service mailbox is there — but they were nowhere to be seen. They couldn’t even be bothered to park the wrong way.

No wonder they’re bankrupt.

Ring My Bell!

I’m sure plenty of Westporters have plenty of nice stories about nice UPS deliverymen.

You know: “My UPS guy makes sure my package doesn’t get wet!” “My guy knows to use the side door!” “My guy doesn’t block the entire parking lot when he’s delivering to my store!”

But one thing UPS guys don’t do — at least, according to what I’ve noticed and some people I’ve asked — is ring the doorbell.

How hard is that?!

My doorbell is low. Even this delivery guy could reach it.

My doorbell is low. Even this delivery guy could reach it.

UPS is in the package delivery business. That’s what they do. We buy something; we pay for shipping; some company or somebody puts that something in a box, sticks an address on it, and presto! Thanks to UPS, it goes from New York or New Orleans or New Zealand or wherever to Westport, in far less time than it took Prince William and Kate to name their kid.

And then — if you’re, say, working in a home office without a view of the driveway — the package just sits there. For hours. And hours.

Unless you compulsively check for it, in which case it is held up somewhere in UPS hell.

Come on. I know UPS guys are pretty stressed out. They sort, load and deliver an insane amount of packages every day. They do it in all kinds of weather. And they have to deal with drivers in towns like this, who don’t exactly give them the right of way.

But after doing all that work, can’t the UPS guys just ring the bell? They don’t have to stick around, and wait for us to appear, and chew the fat.

No. Just put the package down, ring the bell, and walk away.

It’s not that hard.

The FedEx guys do it.

UPS Store Delivers Customer Service

Don, the very efficient, helpful and friendly manager of the Westport UPS Store near Dunkin Donuts.

Don, the very efficient, helpful and friendly manager of the Westport UPS Store near Dunkin' Donuts.

FedEx still delivers to — but no longer picks up at — the UPS Store next to Dunkin’ Donuts.

That confounds workers and patrons alike.  “We turn away FedEx business every day,” says Don, the manager.  But it didn’t stop him from going above and beyond this morning, helping me ship a package.

It had to be FedEx, because the recipient had supplied me with a pre-paid mailing label.  Don took a UPS bag, folded it inside out, tucked my shipment into it, sealed it, applied the label, then gave me directions to the nearest FedEx drop box.

He got nothing for his time and effort, beyond the satisfaction of doing a good deed, and my heartfelt thanks.

Plus a nice — and completely unexpected — plug for the 606 Post Road East UPS Store on “06880.”