Ring My Bell!

I’m sure plenty of Westporters have plenty of nice stories about nice UPS deliverymen.

You know: “My UPS guy makes sure my package doesn’t get wet!” “My guy knows to use the side door!” “My guy doesn’t block the entire parking lot when he’s delivering to my store!”

But one thing UPS guys don’t do — at least, according to what I’ve noticed and some people I’ve asked — is ring the doorbell.

How hard is that?!

My doorbell is low. Even this delivery guy could reach it.

My doorbell is low. Even this delivery guy could reach it.

UPS is in the package delivery business. That’s what they do. We buy something; we pay for shipping; some company or somebody puts that something in a box, sticks an address on it, and presto! Thanks to UPS, it goes from New York or New Orleans or New Zealand or wherever to Westport, in far less time than it took Prince William and Kate to name their kid.

And then — if you’re, say, working in a home office without a view of the driveway — the package just sits there. For hours. And hours.

Unless you compulsively check for it, in which case it is held up somewhere in UPS hell.

Come on. I know UPS guys are pretty stressed out. They sort, load and deliver an insane amount of packages every day. They do it in all kinds of weather. And they have to deal with drivers in towns like this, who don’t exactly give them the right of way.

But after doing all that work, can’t the UPS guys just ring the bell? They don’t have to stick around, and wait for us to appear, and chew the fat.

No. Just put the package down, ring the bell, and walk away.

It’s not that hard.

The FedEx guys do it.

15 responses to “Ring My Bell!

  1. The other day, a neighbor of mine called to tell me that there were a couple
    of large packages outside my garage door.
    When I retrieved them I noted that one was smashed and the other was partially opened.
    Then I noted that they were addressed to another neighbor whose house was a short walk (three houses from mine) on the adjoining street.
    It appeared to me that the UPS Driver was in a hurry and just left them
    at the most convenient driveway.
    I delivered them to the correct address.
    That does it for me and UPS shipping!!!!

  2. Bobbie Herman

    Neither UPS nor FedEx rings our bell. They leave the packages in front of the garage, in full view of the street, even when I’ve specified that they should be left on the front stoop. Fortunately, nothing has ever been stolen. Yet.

  3. Our drivers in rural NH toot their horn as they back in to the driveway.

  4. Our UPS guys (they’ve changed over the years) have always rung the bell. We also offer them a bottle of water, too. We offer that to FedEx and the USPS person, too (be nice to the delivery person!). Also remember UPS has the drivers timed to only spend so much time to deliver and are tough on the employees about keeping on time.

  5. Stacy Prince

    My experience is the same as Ms. Herman’s. I even called one of the delivery companies to complain a few years back, when this started to happen. Ha. Clearly, the amount of TIME it takes a customer to get to the door (or for the driver to verify the customer isn’t home) x the NUMBER of deliveries is cutting into PROFIT.

  6. I too work at home and have no need for the bell to ring. In fact the whole household is in turmoil whenever the bell rings (dog barking and running back and forth) BUT please, do you have to put the large packages right up against the storm door so I can’t open it? I have to use another door to go out and get it!!!

  7. Ruth Kalla Ungerer

    Had a delivery of steaks sent as a gift in a package with dry ice. Not only did they not ring the bell UPS left the package outside our gate rather than delivered to the door, as I have repeatedly asked UPS Customer Service to instruct the drivers to do. Luckily, I found it in time to salvage the meat though the dry ice had evaporated and the frozen goods were in the process of thawing. A few more hours and all would have been lost. The package was clearly marked as temperature sensitive.

  8. Wendy Schaefer

    I have found that UPS will usually will walk a few steps and leave boxes on my covered front porch. This is in contrast to Fed Ex who usually leaves boxes out on my driveway, where if I am not careful, I can run it over, or it can get soaked in the rain.

  9. Marcy Anson Fralick

    Out here in Oro Valley, AZ, my UPS guy always rings the bell and if I’m home, has a dog biscuit for my Yorkie. He’s been our delivery guy for over 5 years and knows us all by name, type of dog, how many kids, etc. He’s fabulous!!

  10. Stephen Szilagyi

    Blah. Everyone in W wants everything.

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  11. Laurie Jeffay

    My UPS driver is a woman, and always rings our bell! She also has a smile and a dog biscuit ready if the dog and I make it to the door before she is driving away. She’ll even help carry heavy boxes into the house. Can’t say enough good things about her!

  12. The UPS dudes down here in Sarasota and apparently less stressed out than the ones in Westport. Our UPS ( and FedEx and USPS ) deliverers have never failed to ring the doorbell.

  13. Judi Simonetti

    Duncan, the UPS man who delivers to our office and to my home and has for years, is delightful! He always knocks … our doorbell is broken 😉 John, the FedEx man who delivers to our office, has done so for years and is very delightful as well! I haven’t met our FedEx man at home, so I don’t know his name yet, but I’ve never had a problem with either. I also adore our mailman, Dominick. He’s super nice and he’s been delivering mail to our office for over twenty years! Sorry, no complaints by me!! I guess I live in some alternate universe 🙂 Have a great day!

  14. Mmmm. Our UPS person always rings my doorbell.

  15. Werner Liepolt