Not To Imply That Westporters Are Lazy, But…

…we no longer mow our own lawns.

Or rake our own leaves.

Now we’re outsourcing one more chore:

Dog wasteNo s ***!

10 responses to “Not To Imply That Westporters Are Lazy, But…

  1. The RTM should hire this service for Compo Beach.

    • Lisa Marie Alter

      OMG – what a fab idea ! Seriously ! The amount of dog poop along Soundview and the stretch of Hillspoint all the way to Positano is disgusting…

      They could also hire BratButler to pick up after all the slobs who leave their trash and water bottles all over the beach and playground.

  2. Alan Beasley

    Without ENFORCEMENT all laws are wasted efforts.

  3. Sherwood Island State Park could also use this service – the goose droppings there are a health issue!

  4. Jack Whittle

    I just cut my lawn this afternoon. And I’ll be raking leaves (with the family, old school) there in the fall. I do admit to being in the minority though . . . and there has been poop removal service available in this area for at least 20 years – entrepreneurs!

  5. Joanne Avery

    Loved when NYC enacted the pooper scooper law because visiting the city became more enjoyable, but when the law understandably spread to the suburbs, it snuffed out what little desire I still had to adopt a dog. Just can’t shake the inner “oh GROSS” of picking up after the dog. Not even a sweet puppy face can cure my revulsion. So, if the service was offered here, I’d hire them in a minute.

  6. My kids mow the lawn, we all clear the leaves, our dog is trained not to poop on the lawn and we use only organic lawn products. It’s not that tough and you actually gain pride and admiration for the hard work. We can afford to hire people to do everything if we wanted, but what does that teach my kids? Yes, old school but I think valuable in today’s entitled environment