Danny Fein’s “Litographs”

Some people read books as hardcovers or paperbacks. Others read them on Kindles or Nooks.

Danny Fein wants you to read them as beautiful, 24 x 36-inch posters. The entire text of classics — The Great Gatsby, Alice in Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice, even The Origin of Species — is there, on one gorgeous “litograph.”

The complete "Hamlet" text -- surrounding a skull -- hangs on a wall.

The complete “Hamlet” text — surrounding a skull — hangs on a wall.

Though the print is tiny, it is sharp and fully legible. What makes litographs special is that each design is unique, and comes directly from the book.

Siddhartha, for example, portrays Buddha. The Bible is inscribed on stained glass. The Art of War (Danny certainly covers the gamut) shows Chinese characters.

Danny is a 2006 Staples High School graduate. He also earned degrees from Harvard and Penn.

He founded Litographs because, he says, “I love books. I can’t imagine growing up without them. I want to do everything I can to make sure that students and communities around the world have access to literature and learning materials.”

A zoomed-in view of some of "Hamlet."

A zoomed-in view of some of “Hamlet.”

So in addition to providing handsome wall hangings — suitable for homes and classrooms! — Danny has partnered with the International Book Bank. For every poster he sells, he sends one new, high-quality actual book to a community in need.

New posters — in color and black-and-white — are released every Tuesday and Thursday. They’re available as t-shirt designs too (though you would not want to actually read those).

Ilene Mirkine framed Moby Dick for the Westport Schools Permanent Art Collection. Her sons Adam and Matt donated it to Staples, where it hangs — appropriately — near the English department.

Directly underneath a Permanent Art Collection painting of a whale.

For Danny Fein’s litographs, the writing is truly on the wall.

(To see all the litographs — and for ordering information — click here.)

Adam Mirkine stands next to the "Moby Dick" litograph. Above it is an illustration of a whale.

Adam Mirkine stands next to the “Moby Dick” litograph. Above it is a painting of a whale.

The "Peter Pan" t-shirt.

The “Peter Pan” t-shirt.

3 responses to “Danny Fein’s “Litographs”

  1. Kathie Bennewitz

    What a great photo of Danny Fein with the two paintings. We thought hanging his Litographs “Moby DIck” with Westport artist John Clymer’s canvas of Moby DIck would be a great “then and now” pairing for the English hallway at Staples. In 1937 John and Doris Clymer moved to Westport, where he established his career as an illustrator for American magazines, inlcuding The Saturday Evening Post.

  2. Wow! I love this! I want the Peter Pan shirt or maybe the Alice in Wonderland, or…BOTH! 🙂

  3. Linda Gramatky Smith

    I took some Litographs over to NJ to be framed for Ilene Mirkine and other people, and I fell in love with them. They are at once both “artistic” (very) and fun/readable. Good luck to Danny because these are such original creations!