Unsung Heroes #128

This week’s Unsung Heroes choice is a no-brainer.

I was thinking of it. But alert “06880” reader Adam Stolpen put it best in these words:

I ran into a UPS delivery driver yesterday afternoon. He was making a local delivery.

He’d started his route in the morning. It was 3 p.m. — and he still had 90 more stops to go.

He said during the holidays he generally makes more than 300 stops a day. That’s about twice what he does  the rest of the year.

And we thought everything was all done once we clicked on Amazon Prime…

Of course, it’s not just UPS. This week’s Unsung Heroes also work for FedEx, the post office, and any other business in the business of shipping.

So the next time you’re tempted to toot at the UPS guy for double parking, or the FedEx driver for blocking the sidewalk, remember: That could be your gift in the back of the truck.

PS: Big props to to all those folks at the UPS store who box your packages; the people at local shops who mail your presents for you, and anyone else who does all that delivery work you never seen. 

(To nominate an Unsung Hero, email dwoog@optonline.net)

3 responses to “Unsung Heroes #128

  1. So DAN, sometimes there may be a reason for an unusually parked vehicle. There could be a good lesson here

  2. And, don’t forget the employees at the Amazon fulfillment centers who work under terrible conditions.

  3. So, my 21 year old son is working as a Seasonal UPS driver. It is good money, $21/hr., no overtime increased rate. He delivers in New Canaan. He leaves the house at 7:30am, drives to Norwalk, stacks his truck (a Penske/Hertz, harder as note regular racks). He makes 150-200 stops AND also picks up about 900 packages at the UPS store. Then, back to park at Norwalk, returns home at 9:30 or 10 pm. Most people, kids and dogs are nice to him. Some are sadly awful. One guy sideswiped his truck while he was delivering at a door and then ACCUSED him . Accidents are a fireable offense. A Ring doorbell video saved the day. Since he started this year, I leave out Gatorade and granola bars for all the UPS-USPS-Fed Ex deliverers. They often cannot eat during the day. He has had a 60+ year old “helper” with him this week. Be nice to these guys when they get to your home, they are someone’s son, father, brother.