Another Guy Behaving Really Badly

The other day, I posted a story about a man who — upset at the traffic on Greens Farms Road — repeatedly parked his car perpendicular across both lanes, blocking everyone.

Now comes another transportation-related report — this one involving trains. An alert — and very irate — “06880” reader writes:

I ride the train every day. I notice from time to time when I get off at Greens Farms that someone leaves a huge pile of papers scattered on the floor for someone else to pick up. I always think to myself how terrible it is. I wonder how could someone be okay with doing this?

A few weeks ago I sat on the outside seat. I had to get up to let someone off at the Saugatuck station. As I did, a man also exited from the row right in front of me. Sure enough, there was the pile of papers.

This guy reads both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

I nicely asked if those were his papers. He looked at me and said “yes.”

I asked if he was going to leave them all over the floor for someone else to pick up.

He looked at me again. He again said “yes.” Then he walked off the train.

I passed the story along to my business partner, who got off at Greens Farms with me.

Last night my business partner sat across from the same guy, who did the same thing.

Apparently every day, he leaves his mess for someone else to clean up.

In this day and age, while many of us are talking about privilege, and how to teach our kids to do the right thing, this is a sad reminder that some people just don’t care.

[NOTE: The reader sent me a photo. The man appears to be in his 50s; he’s average height, average build, and wears glasses. His hair is graying at the temples. I have decided to take the high road — not the below-the-tracks road he travels — and not post it here. — Dan Woog]

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  1. Wow- Slobola extraordinaire & why can’t he @ least leave them folded on the seat for someone to read or more easily dispose of?? That way the kind trash remover doesn’t need to get train floor cooties cleaning up after the litter bug! 👹( no offense metro north)

  2. Ray O'Sullivan

    He is probably the same man that dumps his lunch in the sink at work and doesn’t rinse it down the drain or use the garbage disposal! ! People are PIGS. I just wonder what his house looks like if he is that muych of a slob in public! ! !

  3. This is bad, no doubt. Worse still are those who leave their beer and coffee and other cups, they spill , and a river of their backwash forms and goes up and down the aisle. This guy and those people are slobs and should be ashamed of their selves.

  4. Patrick Kennedy

    Come on Dan. Post it!!

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  5. I bet he’s an entitled parker too!

  6. Jan van Arsdale

    Cmon Dan.. post the pic!

    Jan van Arsdale
    Director – Equity Research Sales
    Telsey Advisory Group
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    917-626-8354 (Mobile)

  7. Behaving badly. Yes he is. Compare that man to the affects Trump policies on the environment have. More coal ash is being dumped into stream. More mercury is being released into the atmosphere via factory smoke stacks. Automobiles and trucks have lower fuel standards a la Trump administration. Behaving badly. The man is a monster. Embrace it. The USA deserves it. Our poor children and grandchildren are at the mercy of this animal. I would suggest to you that the man behaving badly on the train is nothing compared to the monster behaving badly in Washington. Embrace it . When you hear your 06880 supporters and the Reputincan Party defend and admire the monster, stand up.

  8. Perhaps you can show the picture to the Conductor who is usually on the train when you and your friend see him. Then again when you get off the train with him follow him to his car and get the license plate # and find out who this person is. His picture would look good on WestportNow.

  9. I think you should post the photo. He’s doing this in public and to the public – no shame – why not?

  10. He sounds like the kind of guy that probably kicks his dog too!
    Shame on him-

    • Unfortunately, Jan, he probably hires someone else to kick his dog.

      • You made me have a good laugh this morning. I sure miss Westport. I reflect often that my parents chose that town for my sibs and I to grow up and live in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s .What an amazing, safe and full life we had.

  11. Jujlie Fatherley

    I hate to see the mess he leaves for his housekeeper. His wife most likely
    defers these lack of propriety to their maid or housekeeper. Sadly, this is
    a mentality that is ingrained and most likely will not be overcome.To
    live without a conscience must be one of the most virulent addictions of human behavior. Julie Fatherley

  12. I suggest you pick up the papers in front of the man and tell him the next time he does it his photo will be posted.

  13. I once sat with a man from Greenwich,on a plane and he left a pile of papers on the floor of the plane! I wonder what to say to litterbugs? I wish I knew what would get them to stop.

  14. Erica Holmberger

    Perhaps he thinks he’s being kind by leaving free papers for others to enjoy? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  15. Sharon Fiarman

    Littering is illegal in CT
    The Connecticut Anti-Litter Law CGS Sec. 22a-250: “No person shall throw, scatter, spill or place or cause to be blown, scattered, spilled, thrown or placed, or otherwise disposed of any litter upon any public property in this state or upon any private property in this state not owned by him, or in any waters of this state…”
    I hope this guy gets caught. Nauseating.

  16. That makes me very sad for the character of his family. He is probably teaching his kids by example to do the same. We can all do better.

  17. I dont know if I would bother the MTA police with it but a public shaming may be in order…

  18. This kind of thing used to be common, but after recycling bins were installed on the platforms and in Grand Central, it got much better. This, though, is a mess!

  19. Jack (Post it) Backiel

    Dan, If you post it, you’re in my Will for $50,000.00 dollars! Please consider this comment as a legal document!

  20. Rebecca Ellsley

    I might understand leaving the papers for another to read if they were put together nicely but as this picture shows this is littering. Post photo maybe public shame since he was asked nicely and answered shortly. You might want to take Jacks offer…high road if one with morals this person already said they believe they are entitled. Such a shame. We all can do better for a cleaner environment.

  21. How about this: If anyone sees this mess again (and sends me a photo of it), I will post this dude’s picture. How’s that?

  22. Dan that’s why you’re “the man”!

  23. You know what? I’ve actually believed that these people are the same that dump on servers at restaurants. At work they have miserable lives and when comes to lording over others they do so, to give them a sense of power they dont get at work where they are overloaded by their awful bosses.

    I know that it is difficult but I always try to think about where they are coming from. Same for all the people who tailgate me. I repeat my mantra… Perhaps they need to go to the hospital because with their pregnant wife Eric, etc, etc…

    Of course it’s not true there are self absorbed jerks but at least I try to get through the day with that…

  24. Dan,
    I appreciate you wanting to take the high road, but with that kind of attitude I think the gentleman deserves to get his picture published.

  25. I wonder what his home life is like?

  26. If we continue to call people out for bad behavior, the pendulum will eventually swing in all of our directions. Can’t we just see the bad behavior and move on, or say something to the offender and move on? Are we really that shocked that people behave badly at times? The only people whose behavior we can really affect is our own isn’t it? Do the right thing and mind our own houses as we could be the next ones under the microscope. Or is everyone else here perfect….

  27. Elina Lublinsky

    One word – karma.

  28. Yesssss!!!!!

  29. I like living in Westport, but I’d like to “export” the rude, privileged a-holes. Sigh.

  30. Was the Westport station ever known as the Saugatuck station?

    • Hi Bill- Going back to the early 70s, the conductors always called out, “Westport next!”, but in our family we always called it Saugatuck train station in order to differentiate between it & Greens Farms. I think that was common- does everyone now call it “Westport”?

      • I always remember the conductors calling out “Westport and Saugatuck.” It’s been a long time since I was on that train.

    • Yes, Bill — in fact, that’s still how I think of it. “Westport” seems (relatively) new.

  31. I have warned Richard. Nancy’s comments were far greater in volume and idiocy.

  32. For what it’s worth, the conductor in “A Stop at Willoughby” calls out “Westport/Saugatuck.”

  33. Jacque O'Brien

    A few years ago, I took my granddaughters to McDonalds on the corner of Post Road and Hillspoint as a treat. As we ate lunch we noticed a man sitting across from us at one of the high-top tables. He was on his phone talking as if no one else was in the restaurant and when he finished he simply stood up and walked out. He continued his conversation but left behind his garbage all over the table…a truly bad example for anyone else in the restaurant. I told my granddaughters I’d be right back, went over and put all his trash in the bag that he had left on the table. Yes, he got me to pick it up but then I walked outside where he was standing by his car and handed it to him saying simply “you forgot this”. He was completely surprised and proceeded to apologize before he got into his car and drove away.
    What he did with the trash I’ll never know, but at least it wasn’t on the table anymore!

  34. I remember a few years ago that a woman with a small child left a mess in a self-serve restaurant. Papers and plates all over the table and the floor. When they got up to leave, the child mentioned the mess, and the mother said, “Leave it — they pay people to pick it up.” Maybe that’s what this man thinks.

  35. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    Re the ‘Westport-Saugatuck’ from the conductors, my dad commuted from Westport to NYC for forty years; he remembered on the return commute,at night, there was one conductor would Always call out: ‘WestPaugatuck’ next stop!’ 🙂

  36. Charles Taylor

    As the Royal Knights might have said, “This guy needs a tuneup.”

  37. Years ago (pre-digital days), it was a common sight. Nowadays trains are a lot cleaner thanks to commuters reading news on their mobile devices.

  38. 1) There is absolutely nothing to lose and possibly something to gain by posting pictures of people doing disgraceful things. Maybe they have no shame in the first place, but it’s worth the effort to try and “reach” somebody and see if somewhere down deep they can see how f-ed up their narcissistic behavior really is!!
    2) I, like many others, read 06880 because D. Woog cares about many topics and wishes to share with others, wherever they may live. But I think that DW must start banning posts made by a few jackasses that only wish to post nonsensical b.s. that is constantly not on topic in the least…….because if left as is, I for one may choose to stop reading the comments at all and that’s a shame because quite often there can be a productive, civil exchange of thoughts.

  39. Having several folks call him out… he leaves may cause enough embarrassment to effect action. It takes a village…in days gone by, bad behavior was subjunctive to community disapproval.

  40. I like it “all” Dan. It demonstrates a complete picture, not a partial one of today..
    Keep em’ coming.
    Jan frost

  41. at the risk of being called a “highjacker”, the type of personality (narcissistic sociopath) that does this sort of thing lives his life without conscience. This type is emboldened by what he is reading in the papers. What he is reading is how our society is in turmoil and becoming lawless from the top down. Look at the posted 06880 stories; Parking badly, Driving driving badly, all the issues of entitled behaviour, etc. Do you think this guy suffers for what he thinks or does, do you think he even reads the comments on this blog? Think again and ask yourself how do you want your country to look and act like; by example from the top down.

  42. Raymond F Skidgell

    I agree with those who feel that the well is being poisoned by one person who continuously feels the need to make inappropriate political comments. I have often considered walking away from this blog because of that. Pretty sad.

  43. René Fontaine

    Post it! People need to be held accountable especially in this day and age. If politeness didn’t work maybe shaming will.

  44. Elizabeth Thibault

    It’s rare to see people reading anything than local happenings in actual newsprint anymore. It’s already old news by the time it’s printed. Hopefully he reads about himself here and decides to clean up his act and retain some semblance of dignity.

  45. Annelise McCay

    I’m sure his address may be on one of those papers. Mail it back to him.

  46. Admittedly, this guy is a rude, selfish, entitled slob, but some of these comments really do border on “Lord Of The Flies” groupthink.

    For all his slovenliness, he has been angrily described as being a narcissistic sociopath who most probably kicks his dog, dumps his lunch in the sink at work, an entitled parker, a man who makes a mess that his wife leaves for the maid, suffers from the virulent addiction of living without conscience, a nauseating law breaker, teaches his kids to act the same, dumps on restaurant servers, leads a miserable life, is a self absorbed jerk, a rude privileged a-hole, as well as a suggestion to follow the perpetrator off the train to get his car license# and then shame him by posting his picture in WestportNow.

    Is his annoying piggery really worthy of a public lynching? If he has children, especially of school age, how do you think the overtly public shaming being pushed for could affect them? Could it affect his wife/partner and the social standing of his family in his immediate neighborhood. Public shaming doesn’t come without possible collateral damage. Publicly posting his picture might be momentarily gratifying, but a total overreaction.

    How about the offended parties simply advising the train conductor every single time he litters this way. He’ll soon get sick of being singled out and embarrassed on the train…the scene of his crime. Surely that’s more responsible than the mob-like hue and cry being voiced here.

    • Ray O'Sullivan

      It may teach him what his parents should have taught him and we are probably teaching his children what he should have taught them. Remember it was Killary who said it takes a Village to raise a child! This man definitely is not raising his child right and maybe if the child sees what he is doing, they too will shame him in to be a more considerate person! ! !

      • So now, in addition to public humiliation, you’re suggesting we (as a “village”) not only take on parental responsibilities for educating this man-child, but also treat his children (that we still don’t know exist) as our own grandchildren, and teach them what you’re assuming he hasn’t done? Oh, and encourage them to shame him too?

        Yup, sounds like a rational plan to me.

  47. I would be more than happy to take the picture of this man… what train home is this? I will even rearrange my commute. As a commuter for quite some time you build a relationship with the conductors. Sometimes I’m embarrassed to show them I get off in Westport.

  48. Dan,
    I agree with Steve Lunt. Public shaming doesn’t come without potential collateral damage and repercussions.

    His wife and especially kids may be horrified and subjected to alienation, shaming, bullying and cyber-bullying that they certainly do not deserve.

    It is horrible behavior, but this is not just about one rude self-centered man.It could disrupt a family’s life. I don’t think any of us would want that on our conscience.

    I understand and agree with all the feelings, but think other suggestions like notifying the conductor, are more appropriate (and civil).