I Spoke Too Soon

Saturday’s post called out — with vivid photographic evidence — FedEx and UPS trucks. Within minutes of each other, they parked illegally — in the fire lane, and going the wrong way — in the Fresh Market parking lot.

At least, I said, the US Postal Service didn’t do that.

Uh oh.

Not content to trail the leaders in overnight delivery services, they also bring up the rear in illegal parking.

It took until today, but they finally got it right.

Er, wrong.

Post office truck

5 responses to “I Spoke Too Soon

  1. The reason would be convenience, not ignorance. Mail delivery vans are right hand drive and therefore parking the “wrong way” doesn’t force the driver to vacate his seat in order to conduct his business.

  2. Dick Lowenstein

    The truck was not parked, it was standing, probably with its engine running, as the driver made a quick delivery. As for going the wrong way, you’d need a video to see if the truck did go the wrong way after making the delivery or dId it turn left before the arrow.

  3. I think they can claim execuive privilege.
    But the others are guilty as charged by 06880

  4. Sadly in today’s world of transportation some of us have to deal with speeders, tailgaters, people who fail to use their turn signals, distracted cell phone use, texting, makeup applications, reading (yes I have seen this), dogs hanging out of drivers side windows, red light runners, police officers parking in fire lanes, and probably more…I am of the opinion that these people are a bit selfish and putting them behind the wheel of a car or truck is just an extension of their personalities. To me, they are just thinking of themselves and not regarding those of us around them and the potential hazard they create…
    As to the drivers of these delivery trucks, all I can say is at least they are parked and not moving – but they should know better nonetheless….but maybe they don’t know how to interpret what the arrows mean that are painted on the tarmac at the Fresh Market

  5. I regretted not having my cell phone to take a picture yesterday, when the Staples-labeled police cruiser was planted in the No Parking area next to the building at Starbucks East.