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Snow Shade

Most of the time, snow and ice slides onto and then off the top of Mary Anne Mayo and Steve Nelson’s 2nd story deck on Saugatuck Shores.

But the winter of 2014 is not “most of the time.”

In the most recent storm, the snow and ice froze. And stayed.

Mary Anne took these stunning photos. Hey — at least they can still see the water.

Snow shade by Mary Anne Mayo

Snow shade 2 by Mary  Anne Mayo

(Hat tip to Jill Delaney for passing these along.)

Be Careful Out There!

If you are one of the 5 families still in Westport this Presidents Day weekend/ February school vacation, this post is for you.

Our plow guys have done a fantastic job this winter, clearing streets and parking lots. But all that snow had to go somewhere, and tons of it ended up obscuring sight lines.

The result: Drivers are inching out into roads further than they’re used to. Meanwhile, roads are narrower than normal, with snow lining the sides.


Bottom line: Be careful when entering into traffic.

And if you’re the “traffic,” watch out for the other guy.

Meanwhile, for everyone else in Anguilla or Cabo or wherever: Don’t forget sun block!

Staples Snow Scenes

School is canceled for the 2nd straight day.

Next week is winter break. There’s a professional development day scheduled for the following Monday. Oy.

This morning, the scene was serene — if snowy — at Staples High School.

It was all very pretty.

Unless you own the car in the bottom photo.

Staples High School in snow

Staples High School snow

Snow scene 3

Timing Is Everything

Darcy Hicks was delighted when her private plow guy did a great job on her long, steep Harding Lane driveway.

She was less pleased when the town truck came through a little while later.

Darcy Hicks

The good news: She’s got strong sons to help.

The bad news: It’s gonna snow again tonight.

A lot.